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UIL Literary Criticism - Bible Terms

Literary terms from the literary terms handbook.
from Greek term meaning "little books"
Dead Sea Scrolls
about 800 documents written between the first century BCE and about 70 CE. Were discovered in jars in caves near the Dead Sea on the border of Israel and Jordan. They contain every book of the bible except Esther as well as hundreds of other manuscripts.
means "spurious" or "doubtful". Came to denote Biblical books not regarded as inspired, and hence excluded from the sacred canon. In a non-Biblical sense, it is applied to writings that have been attributed to authors but have no been generally accepted into the canon of their works.
the body of critical commentary on the texts of Hebrew Scriptures, compiled at least a thousand years ago by Jewish scholars known as Masuretes.
a single apocryphal work.
Holy Grail
the cup from which Christ is said to have drunk at the Last Supper and which was used to catch his blood at the Crucifixion.
Verbum Infans Formula
a conventional paradoxical topos, meaning "the unspeaking word," applied to the infant Christ, who incarnates the Word.
a lyrical composition of praise, usually applied to the sacred lyrics in the Book of Psalms.
an explanation and interpretation of a text, applied to the detailed study of the Bible. In literature, it implies a close analysis.
Hebrew, "explanation." Rabbinical notes and commentaries on the Scriptures, composed between 800 and 2500 years ago.