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  1. DA: obturator internus
  2. DA: semitendinosus
  3. DA: gluteus minimus
  4. I: obturator internus
  5. PA: gluteus minimus
  1. a sacral plexus S1, S2
  2. b anterior 1/3 of greater trochanter
  3. c superior gluteal line
  4. d anteromedial tibial plateau
  5. e posteromedial proximal femur

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  1. tibial nerve
  2. tibial nerve
  3. extends hip/flexes knee
  4. abducts the hip and internal rotator of hip
  5. ischial tuberosity

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  1. PA: Biceps femoris (long head)ischial tuberosity


  2. DA: semimembranosusposteromedial tibial plateau and oblique popliteal ligament


  3. DA: Biceps femoris (long head)head of fibula


  4. PA: piriformisexternal rotation of hip


  5. PA: gemellous superiorischial spine