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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 17, Book 2 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.


【tiānqì】[NOUN] - weather.

【rè】[STATIVE VERB] - hot; *** heat; heat up; warm up; warm; fever; temperature; ardent; warmhearted; craze; fad; envious; eager; in great demand; popular.

【lěng】[STATIVE VERB] - cold; *** cold in manner; frosty; <dialect> cool; unfrequented; deserted; strange; rare; shot from hiding; a surname.


【yóuyǒng】[VERB-OBJECT] - to swim.


【yóuyǒngchí】[NOUN] - swimming pool; *** natatorium.


【yóuyǒngguǎn】[NOUN] - indoor swimming pool.

【guǎn】[PLACE WORD] - accommodation for guests; embassy; legation or consulate; (of service trades) shop; a place for cultural activities.


【fùjìn】[PLACE WORD] - in the vicinity of; nearby; *** neighbouring; close to.


【suǒyǒude】[NOUN / STATIVE VERB] - all; every; all there are.

【guān】[ACTION VERB] - to close (e.g. door/windows); to shut (someone or something) up (into a confined space); *** turn off; lock up; shut in; close down; pass; customhouse; barrier; critical juncture; concern; involve; a surname.


【guānmén】[VERB-OBJECT] - to close the door; to close (down) a shop or business; *** behind closed door; slam the door on sth.; refuse the discussion or consideration.


【dǎqiú】[VERB-OBJECT] - to play ball; *** batting.

【qiú】[NOUN] - ball; *** sphere; globe; the globe; the earth; anything shaped like a ball.

【dǎ】[ACTION VERB] - to hit (something or someone); *** strike; knock; break; smash; fight; attack; construct; build; make (in a smithy); forge; mix; stir; beat; tie up; pack; knit; weave; draw; paint; make a mark on; spray; spread; open; dig; raise; hoist; send; dispatch; project.


【lánqiú】[NOUN] - basketball.


【lánqiúduì】[NOUN] - basketball team.

【duì】[NOUN] - a row of people; line; team; group.


【pīngpāngqiú】[NOUN] - table tennis; ping-pong; table tennis ball; ping-pong ball.


【hěnjiǔ】[ADVERB] - for a long time; *** long; of a specified duration.


【bàngqiú】[NOUN] - baseball.


【tóngxué】[NOUN] - schoolmate; fellow student; *** be in the same school; be a schoolmate of sb.; a form of address used in speaking to a student.


【tóngbāntóngxué】[NOUN] - classmate; *** in the same class.


【sùshè】[NOUN] - dormitory (the Chinese has a wider meaning than the English); *** hostel; living quarters; .


【yàoshi】[NOUN] - key. Measure; 把【bǎ】

【bǎ】 hold; grasp; hold (a baby while it relieves itself); control; monopolize; dominate; guard; watch; handle (of a pushcart.. etc.); bundle; bunch; about; or so.

【huàn】[ACTION VERB] - to change (clothes; etc..); to exchange (money/goods/etc); *** barter; trade; change.

【jí】[STATIVE VERB / VERB] - in a hurry; hasty; urgent / be hasty; *** impatient; anxious; worry; irritated; annoyed; nettled; fast; rapid; violent; urgent; pressing; urgency; emergency; be eager to help.


【yùndòngcháng】[PLACE WORD] - sportsground; sports arena; *** playground; exercise yard.


【yùndòng】[ACTION VERB / NOUN] - to do sports; sports; *** motion; movement; athletics; exercise; (political); movement; campaign; drive.


【yùndòngxié】[NOUN] - sports shoes; running shoes.


【duànliàn】 take exercise; have physical training; temper; steel; toughen.


【shēntǐ】[NOUN] - body; health.


【duànliànshēntǐ】[VERB-OBJECT] - to do exercises; to take exercise.


【pǎobù】[VERB-OBJECT] - to jog; *** run; march at the double.


【mànpǎo】[VERB-OBJECT] - to jog.

【pǎo】[ACTION VERB] - to run (although not always literally); *** run away; escape; <dialect> walk; run about doing sth.; run errands; away; off.


【yǐhòu】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - after...; *** later; afterwards; following; later on; in the future.

【hòu】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - after...; *** back; behind; rear; afterwards; later.


【yǐqián】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - ... ago; before... ; *** formerly; previously.

【qián】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - ... ago; before... ; *** front; forward; ahead; age; preceding; former; formerly; first.


【zāogāo】[EXPRESSION] - Oh dear!; What a nuisance!; *** <informal> how terrible; what bad luck; too bad.


【xiàyǔ】[VERB-OBJECT] - to rain; *** rainy.


【diànyǐng】[NOUN] - film; movie; motion picture. Measure: 部【bù】


【diànyǐngguǎn】[PLACE WORD] - Movie theater. Measure:家【jiā】

【chǎng】[MEASURE] - for a performance; *** [PLACE WORD] - a place where people gather; farm; stage; <opera> scene; <physics> field.

【dài】[ACTION VERB] - to put on (watches: hats; etc..); to wear (on head/neck/wrists); *** respect; honour; (Dai) a surname.


【shǒubiǎo】[NOUN] - wrist watch.

【biǎo】watch; *** surface; outside; external; show; express; model; example; <Chin. med.> administer medicine to bring out the cold; table; form; list; meter; gauge; the relationship between the children or grandchildren of a brother and a sister or of sisters; memorial to an emperor.


【bīngqílín】[NOUN] - ice cream.


【zúqiú】[NOUN] - soccer; football.


【tīzúqiú】[VERB-OBJECT] - to play (soccer).

【tī】[ACTION VERB] - to kick; *** play (football).

【jiù】[ADVERB] - then (introduces a subsequent action); *** come near; move towards; undertake; engage in; enter upon; accomplish; make; accommodate oneself to; suit; fit; go with; with regard to; concerning; on; <adv.> at once; right away; as early as; already; as soon as; right after; as much as; as many as; only; merely; exactly; precisely; <conj.> even if.

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