Chapter 19 - Age of Exploration & Isolation (1400-1800)


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Wars fought between Christians and Muslims from 1096-1270.
"God, glory and gold"
Primary motives for European exploration. (Advances in technology also made it possible.)
Prince Henry (1394-1460)
Son of Portugal's king who promoted Portuguese exploration. Although he never went on voyages, he was called "The Navigator".
Vasco de Gama
A Portuguese explorer who gave Portugal a direct sea route to India in 1499.
Zheng He (jung huh)
A Chinese Muslim admiral who lead seven voyages under the Ming Dynasty that would impress the world with the power and splendor of Ming China. He also wanted to expand China's tribute system. After the 7th voyage in 1433, China withdrew into isolation.
The people of Manchuria in 1644 who invaded China, collapsed the Ming Dynasty, and started the Qing Dynasty (rule for 260 years that would expand China's borders).
Kangxi (kahng-shee)
First emperor of Qing Dynasty.