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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 16, Book 2 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.


【juéde】[ACTION VERB] - to fell (that); *** think.


【liúlì】[STATIVE VERB] - to be fluent; *** smooth.


【jìnbù】[ACTION VERB / NOUN] - VERB to progress; to improve NOUN progress; improvement; *** advance; politically) progressive.


【shìde】(adds emphasis)

好 + V

【hǎo + V】[STATIVE VERB] - pleasant to / easy to

难 + V

【nán + V】[STATIVE VERB] - unpleasant / difficult; hard (to do)

【dì】[SPECIFIER] - (ordinalizing prefix to numbers); e.g. 1st; 2nd; 3rd ***<formal> grades into which successful candidates in the imperial examinations were placed; <old> the residence of a high official.


【sìshēng】[NOUN] - <gram.> the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics; the four tones of modern standard Chinese pronunciation.


【dìyīshēng】[NOUN] - 1st tone (in a tonal language)

【gāo】[STATIVE VERB] - tall; high; *** of a high level or degree; above the average; loud; high-priced; expensive; a surname.

【dī】[STATIVE VERB] - low; *** let droop; hang down.

挺 SV 的

【tǐng SV de】[ADVERB] - quite; fairly (e.g. it's fairly big)


【yǒuyìsi】[STATIVE VERB] - to be interesting; to be meaningful; *** significant; enjoyable.


【méiyìsī】[STATIVE VERB] - not interesting; meaningless; boring.


【yìsī】[NOUN] - meaning; intention; idea; *** opinion; wish; desire; a token of affection; appreciation; gratitude; suggestion; hint; trace; interest; fun.


【yǒurén】[NOUN] - someone; some people.


【yǒudé】 [NOUN] - some.


【lǎowài】[NOUN] - foreigner (slang)

【jiè】[ACTION VERB] -to lend/borrow; *** make use of; take advantage of (an opportunity etc.); use as a pretext.

跟 X 借

【gēn X jiè】[ACTION VERB] - to borrow from X

借给 X

【jiègěi X】[ACTION VERB] - to lend to X

【zài】[ADVERB] - again; more; *** (for an action yet to take place or contemplated); once more; further; (used before adjectives); -er; (used to indicate the continuing of a situation in conditional or suppositional clauses); (for a delayed action; preceded by an expression of time or condition) then; only then; in addition; on top of that; (followed by a negative expression) no matter how...still (not).

【cì】[MEASURE] - times; repetitions; *** order; sequence; second; next; second-rate; inferior; <chem.> hypo-.

【huí】[MEASURE] - times; repetitions; *** circle; wind; return; go back; turn around; answer; reply; chapter; have been here once; the Hui nationality.


【cuòle】[EXPRESSION] - wrong!

【kǎo】[ACTION VERB] - give or take an examination or test or quiz; check; inspect; <formal> one's deceased father.


【kǎoshì】[ACTION VERB or NOUN] - examination; test.

【kè】[MEASURE or NOUN] - lesson; *** subject; course; class; <measure> lesson; tax; levy.

【duō】[ADVERB] - more; *** many; much; more than the correct or the required number; too many; excessive; too much; more over; odd; much more; far more.

【shào】[ADVERB] - less; *** young; son of a rich family; young master.

【huā】[ACTION VERB] - to spend money or time; *** flower; blossom; bloom; anything resembling a flower; fireworks; pattern; design; multicoloured; coloured; variegated; blurred; dim; fancy; florid; flowery; showy; cotton; smallpox; wound; expend; a surname.


【fāyīn】[NOUN or VERB OBJECT] - pronunciation; to pronounce; *** enunciation; articulation.


【jùzi】[NOUN] - sentence; phrase.

【jù】[MEASURE] sentence; expression.


【yǔfǎ】[NOUN] - grammar.


【nánguài】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - no wonder (that) ...!; That explains why ... !; *** understandable; pardonable.


【zuìhòu】[ADVERB or SPECIFIER] - finally; in the end; the final (one); the last (person; etc); ultimate.


【zhǔnbèi】[ACTION VERB or AUXILLARY VERB] - to prepare; to get ready; intend; plan.


【yùbèi】[ACTION VERB or AUXILLARY VERB] - to prepare; to get ready; intend; plan.


【kèwén】[NOUN] - the text or contents of a lesson.


【kèběn】[NOUN] - textbook (for a class).


【huídá】[ACTION VERB or NOUN] - to reply or answer (to a question); a reply or an answer (to a question); *** respond.


【cōngmíng】[STATIVE VERB] - intelligent; *** bright; clever.


【bùyīdìng】[EXPRESSION or ADVERB] - not necessarily so; not certain that.


【guǎngdōng】[PLACE WORD] - Guangdong; Canton.


【guǎngdōnghuà】[NOUN] - Cantonese.

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