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Expressions from History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

A list of phrasal verbs, expressions and idioms found in Adam Silvera's novel, History Is All You Left Me
To be down with someting
Willing, ready or eager to do something.
To be pissed off
To be angry
Changing the game up
Changing the situation/status quo
What makes someone tick
What makes someone behave in a particular way
Something is boss
Something that is great, excellent, cool, top
Something so good it "kicks ass"
Drawing conclusions
Combining several pieces of information to make an inference
Man up about something
To deal with something in a more brave, stoic, or masculine way
To root for
To support
To lock something down
To conclude something usually with a gesture
To swear off
To promise to give up something
To dodge a bullet
To successfully avoid a very serious problem
To put oneself in the crossfire
To be in harm's way
To have the balls
To be brave
To beat around the bush
Avoid the main topic. not speaking directly about the issue.
To pull something off
To succeed in doing something difficult
To throw someone off
Distract someone, divert
To get one's act together
To get organized
To have it in for (someone)
To intend to do harm to
A third wheel
A person who interferes with a couple's privacy
The birds and the bees
The facts about sex that are told to children
Do a solid
To do a favor for someone
Set things right
Make something accurate or fair
Crack a joke
To make a joke
Be home free
Out of jeopardy : in a comfortable position with respect to some objective
Shrug off
Pay little regard, treat sth as if it is not important
Call it a night
When you decide to stop doing something in the evening
Tough it out
To be strong while experiencing difficulties
Win over
Persuade, convince
Gun for something
To aim at or go after with determination
Take another shot at
To try again
Take it out on someone
To treat someone badly because one is angry or tired
Mess with someone's head
To cause someone to feel confused
Duck out of
Leave somewhere quickly without being noticed
Step up one's game
To improve one's performance, or the quality of one's work
Be blown away
To be overwhelmed; extremely impressed, stunned
Drop the ball
To fail in one's responsibilities
Wrap one's head around something
To comprehend or understand something confusing
Shake something off
Get rid of something, such as an illness or a problem
Clear the air
To remove the bad feelings between people
Blow someone off
To ignore someone
Shake away something
To get rid of a feeling
Kick it with someone
To hang out with someone
Roll around
To arrive or happen again
Make a big deal of something
To make something more important than it should be
Be tight with someone
To have a close relationship with someone
To room together
To live in a room, apartment, or house with another person
Bingeing on
Too much in a short period of time, binge drinking, binge watching
Hail a cab
To stop a taxi in the street
Back off
To stop being involved in a situation; stop trying
Break up
To end a relationship
Snap out of
To stop being in or to cause (someone) to stop being in (an unhappy condition or mood, a daydream, etc.)
Keep it down
To be quieter
Push one's luck
to continue doing something too long; to keep taking chances
Keep it together
To remain calm and confident when a crisis occurs
Cross the line
To cross a "barrier"
Reach the boiling point
To get to a limit where things will "erupt"
To bottle up one's feelings
To hide your emotions from other people
Carry a tune
To be able to sing on key (accurately)
Read between the lines
To understand the hidden meaning
Call someone out on something
To criticize someone about something they have said or done and challenge on it
Get the hang of
To learn how to do something
Talk sh!t about
(vulgar/rude) To say something insulting or rude about another person, either to their face or behind their back.
Inch towards
To move closer little by little
Crank up
To increase
Rough around the edges
Having imperfections
D!ck over someone
(vulgar/rude) To betray someone
Fill someone in
To provide someone missing information
Dick around
(vulgar/rude) To spend time idly or aimlessly : to waste time
Set someone off
To make someone very angry or upset
Play dumb
To pretend that one has no or little knowledge (of something)
Killing time
Spending time doing something unimportant while waiting for something
Take the lead
To take a position that is ahead of others : go first
Hold out
To resist
Screen a call
To determine who is calling and the purpose for the call: to select or eliminate
Shit hitting the fan
Have a shot at
To have a chance
Make a move on someone
To make amours advances
Bust out laughing
To start laughing unexpectedly
Kill two birds with one stone
To accomplish two different things at the same time.
Lean on someone
To depend on someone for support in difficult times
Back at you
The same to you.
Put oneself first
To make your own needs a priority