Psych 385 midterm 1

True or False: Freud believed that psychological resistance can sometimes be circumvented in dreams
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True or False: All personality theories in psychology are based on empirical evidenceFalseTrue or False: Thomas Kuhn has argued that science is a social construct, and thus is subjective and potentially biasedTrueTrue or False: one example of a paradigm shift is the replacement of Newtonian Physics with the relativistic physics of EinsteinTrueTrue or False: The best scientific theories are typically the most complexFalseTrue or False: How well a theory predicts outcomes is one criterion used in evaluating scientific explanationsTrueTrue or False: The application of finding to the improvement of our way of life refers to the function of personality theories as art or applicationTrueTrue or False: Personality test have the potential for misuse and abuseTrueTrue or False: One disadvantage of projective test, like the Rorschach Inkblot test, is that they are very easy to fake outFalse, because the person doesn't know what the examiner is expectingTrue or False: Freud was trained in the hypnotismTrueTrue or False: Freud eventually became dissatisfied with the therapeutic value of hypnosisTrueTrue or False: A theory is a set of abstract concepts developed to explain a set of observationsTrueTrue or False: B.F. Skinner believed that the concept of personality was essentially meaninglessTrueTrue or False: Sigmund Freud believed that a large portion of our personality was a consequence of unconscious processesTrueTrue or False: When we use the term personality in everyday speech, we are usually referring to an individual's public image or social roleTrueTrue or False: Philosophical statements are ultimately tested by rigorous scientific experimentationFalseTrue or False: One requirement of scientific statements is that they be open to falsificationTrueTrue or False: The strength of a philosophical statements are the same as those used in evaluating scientific statementsFalseTrue or False: A personality is a hypothetical construct and thus its presence is inferred, rather than directly observedTrueWhat is a theory?A set of abstract concepts developed to explain a group of observationsWhat is the anal stage?1-2 years old expulsive or retentive (self control / mastery) butt used fpr spankingWhat is the oral stage?0-1 years old explore with the mouthWhat is the phallic stage?3-6 years old distinguishes differences in genders masturbation sets stages in oedipus complex boys- rivalry with father creates fear of castration anxiety girls - penis envy and Electra complexWhat is a freudian slip?getting passed the resistance, slip of the tongue or forgetting something, can be interpreted to the hidden motivation