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Animal tracks from New England. Helps with Boy Scout Tracking Merit Badge.


Two Toes, 1.5" - 3", no claws


Two Toes, 2.5" - 6.5", no claws

Domestic Cat

Four Toes, 1" diameter, no claws


Four Toes, 1" long oval front track, 3" long oblong hind track, occasional claws

Snowshoe Hare

Four Toes, 1.75" long round front track, 5" long triangular hind track, occasional claws


Four Toes, 2.5" oval front track, 2" hind track - less oval than front, has claws


Four Toes, 2.25" - 2.75" oval front track, has claws

Domestic Dog

Four Toes, variable, has claws


Five Toes, tiny tracks - at most 1.5" long, 0.75" wide, diamond shape tracks, has claws


Five Toes, 1.75" diameter, has claws - looks like pointed toes


Five Toes, 1" diameter front track, 1.5" long 1" wide hind track, toe pads are elongated and not round, has claws


Five Toes, 2.5" diameter, has claws - looks like pointed toes


Five Toes, 3-4" long, 3-3.5" wide, may see webbing, has claws - looks like pointed toes


Five Toes, 2-3" long front track, 3-4" long hind track, looks like miniature human hands, long finger-like toes, has claws


Five Toes, 2" diameter front track, 3" long hind track, thumb-like toe on hind print, has claws


Five Toes, 2-3" long hind print, small hand-like prints, long-finger-like toes, front inner-toe is extremely small and barely shows, may appear 4-toed, has claws - looks like pointed toes


Five Toes, 3" long front track, 5-6.5" long 4-5" wide hind track, not often seen, tail drags over tracks, hind track has very long toes with webbing between, has claws


Five Toes, 2.5-3.5" long, 1.5" wide, oval track with very large heel pads, small toes, long claws, track pattern is often slightly pigeon-toed, has claws

Black Bear

Five Toes, 4" diameter front track, 6-7" long 3-4" wide hind track, inner toe is small and may not always show up, has claws

Mouse, Vole, Shrew

Five Hind Toes, Four Front Toes, 0.25" - 3/8" or smaller, has claws


Five Hind Toes, Four Front Toes, 0.5 - 5/8" wide front track, up to 1" long hind track, has claws

Red Squirrel

Five Hind Toes, Four Front Toes, 0.75" wide, up to 0.75-1.5" long, has claws

Grey Squirrel

Five Hind Toes, Four Front Toes, 1" wide, up to 2.25-2.5" long hind track, has claws


Five Hind Toes, Four Front Toes, 1.75" wide, 2" long front print, hind is slightly larger, has claws - looks like pointed toes

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