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  1. factors before declaring nomination for pres.
  2. political parties
  3. Ideologues
  4. Political Socialization
  5. Elements of conservatism
  1. a -nature of the times
  2. b the process through which a young person acquires political orientations as the grow up, based on inputs from parents, teachers, the media, and friends, lasts from cradle to the grave
  3. c -beliefs and values of the past needs to be conserved and passed on to next generation
    -central government is unique, no one else can hold that power
    -enormous power=corruption
    -suspicious of central govt., like state and local power
    -economy can fix itself
    -more inclined to emphasize liberty
  4. d individuals who think in ideological terms when voting(smallest group), more activists in this group
  5. e more inclined to have an ideology, campaigns for cities, recruits candidates

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  1. first republican president in 1860
  2. -precursor to gen. elect. campaign
    -to get party endorsement for nomination
    -more ideological campaign
    -different issues raised than in gen. elect. campaign
  3. the distribution of the population's beliefs about politics and policy issues
  4. -criminalizes speech that is critical to the gov.
    -both madison and jefferson agree it is unconstitutional
    -the supreme court doesnt have the power to decide what is constitutional yet
    -eventually pass what is called "the virginia and KY compromise"
    -serves as a catalyst to provoke a response to those who're in a different party
  5. those who put passion before reason, and does not listen to other's reason

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  1. No issue contentVoting simply on the personalities of the candidate or the party, no ideological views or knowledge what so ever


  2. Elements of liberalism- suspicious of economy, don't want separations
    -believes in government intervention to stabilize economy(new deal, Obama Bailouts)
    -the economy cannot fix itself
    -values equality over liberty


  3. 1st threat to reasonthose who put passion before reason, and does not listen to other's reason


  4. open primarieselections to set party nominees in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for that parties candidates thus encouraging greater party loyalty.


  5. Reagan Dem. to Rep.- slavery shakes up the party system
    -creates republicans