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  1. The American Voter
  2. 1st theory of interest group politics
  3. nominating election campaign
  4. Ideologues
  5. Washington's farewell address
  1. a -precursor to gen. elect. campaign
    -to get party endorsement for nomination
    -more ideological campaign
    -different issues raised than in gen. elect. campaign
  2. b wanted america to avoid entanglements in european powers, sectionalism with in the country, and was against political parties because the people would give priority to the parties and not the government
  3. c (1950's) positive assessment. pluralist theory.
    -out of interest group activity democracy is best served
    -truman, easton, dahl, all scientist who created this theory
    -interest group competition serves government
    -free market competition forces greater innovation and improvement in companies
    -out of competition more agreeable theories produced.
    -there is no clear overdog in the competition
  4. d individuals who think in ideological terms when voting(smallest group), more activists in this group
  5. e -Group Association
    -Nature of the Times
    -No issue content

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  1. the facts that affect our emotions
  2. there are those who seldom reason at all, but think like others (parents, preachers etc.)
  3. the process through which a young person acquires political orientations as the grow up, based on inputs from parents, teachers, the media, and friends, lasts from cradle to the grave
  4. acquisition of factual info and the reasoning from those factual elements
  5. -campaign resources
    -prospects for winning early, caucuses and primaries

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  1. when fed. elect. laws govern campaign finance-Created Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    -requires disclosure (reporting)
    -limits contributions of individuals (1,000/candidate)
    and PACs (5,000/candidate)
    -provides federal funds to pres candidates
    -limits expenditures (pres only)
    -overthrown in 1976 by Buckley v. Valeo


  2. factors before declaring nomination for pres.-nature of the times


  3. United State's Ideologythose who put passion before reason, and does not listen to other's reason


  4. Major Influences on public opinionthe distribution of the population's beliefs about politics and policy issues


  5. whigsfirst elected in 1830, lasted in office for 20 more years, mainly military figures.