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located at the very top of the microscope. Holds the top lens of the microscope.

Coarse adjustment

knob- large wheel found on the arm. Used to raise and lower the body tube.


flat plate where the object you are looking at is placed.


lenses found on the nosepiece. Position of lenses can be changed. The high-power objective makes the object look larger that the low-poer objective does.


found under stage. Changes the amount of light coming through the hole in the stage and into the microscope.

Nose piece

part of the bottom of the body tube. Holds lower lenses of the microscope.


located below the diaphragm. Used to aim light towards the hole in the stage.


bottom part of the tube. Shaped like a microscope. Used, with the arm, to carry the microscope.


two metal strips attached to the stage. Used to hold down the objective you are viewing.

Body tube

hollow tube in which light can travel. Holds all the lenses of the microscope.


supports the body tube. Used as a handle to carry the microscope.

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