Smallest time lag between which the ear can distinguish two sounds.
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A decibel (1/10th of a bel) is a ratio expressed relative to a reference value on a logarithmic scale.

If the sound is the same as the reference value (threshold for human hearing) then the sound is log1 = 0dB.

The threshold for pain is 140dB.

If the specified sound has a negative value, then the sound is less than the reference (it is not a negative sound!).

Double pressure (Pa) => increase by 6dB
Double power (W/m^-2) => increase by 3dB

dB SPL = 20 Log10(Pressure/20 μPa)
Conductive hearing loss occurs when the middle ear cavity fills with fluid (common in small children)

Sensorineural hearing loss results from damage to cochlea or auditory pathway.

Rinne test distinguishes between the two:
- Alternately place tuning fork at mastoid process and entrance to ear canal (EAM)
- If conductive then hear