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not all breaches to computer security are planned


hackers often claim the intent of their security breaches is to improve security


many methods exist ot guarantee completely a computer or network is safe from computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses


cybercriminals install malicious bots unprotected computers to create zombie armies


a honeypot is a computer that is set up to entice an intruder to break in


biometric payment involves a customer's fingerprint being read by a fingerprint scanner that is linked to a payment method such as checkin account or credit card


encrypted data is called plaintext


a digital signature is a mathematical formula that generates a code from the contents of the message


an online ups switches to battery power when a problem occurs in a power line


digital rights management is a strategy designed to prevent illegal distriubtion of computer viruses etc.


a cookie is a small text fiel that a wb server stores on the computer


green computing involves reducing the electricity while using a computer, but the practices increase enviormental waste.


a computer infected system is all but

available memory is more

malware is a term that can be used to describe

worms spyware back doors


computer unkowingly being controlled by another remote computer

email spoofing

used for spam and phishing scams

physical access control such as locked doors and windows usually are adequate to protect against

hardware theft

software piracy continues

because in some countries legal protection of software does not exist

windows vista include a featurecalled

bitlocker, which allows you to enrypte files

digital certificate

a notice that guarantees a usar or website site is legit


prolonged under voltage


defined as gaining inauthorized access or obtaining confedential info by taking advantage of the trusted human

forensics analysis

examination of computer media, programs, data and log files on computers, servers, networks

Carpal tunnel

inflammation of nerve connecting forearm to the palm of the wrist


someone who accesses a computer or net illegally with the intent of malicious actions


potentially damaging computer program that affects infects a computer negatively


area of the hard disk that holds an infected file until the infection is removed


a group of comprimised computers connected to a network that is being used as part of a network that attacks other networks

personal firewall

protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions


private combination of characteristic into digital code

biometric device

translates a personal characeristic into digital code

surge protector

provide steady flow of electricity


key commands and startup info


displays online advertisment

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