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for mr. edwards bio class

cell membrane

the semi-permeable phospholipid bilayer that covers eukaryotic cells


the largest organelle and the cells manager, also contain the DNA in the cell

nuclear membrane

covers the nucleus


the material inside of the nucleus


inside of the nucleus and is responsible for ribosome production


the fluid medium with in the inner boundary of the cell membrane in which the organelles float

Endoplasmic Reticulum

or the ER is a folded membrane around the nucleus that is rough and has ribosomes that produce proteins or is smooth and processes lipids


small spheres made inside the nucleolus that produce proteins

golgi body

an organelle that packages and secretes proteins from one area of the cell to another or from one cell to another


small protein bearing sacs formed from sections of the golgi body


the powerhouse of the cell where glucose is broken down for cellular respiration


responsible for the production of chemical energy through photosynthesis (only found in plant cells)


breaks down disfunctioning parts of the cell so they can be used for other things


recycles hydrogen peroxide into H20 and oxygen


part of the cytoskeleton that aids in cell shape, structure and movement


part of the cytoskeleton that aids in cell shape, structure and movement as well as a tube to send things through


aid in animal cell division (only found in animal cells)


temporary cell storage organelles for food, wastes or H20

cell wall

a semi rigid, porous structure composed of a cellulose network that surrounds the cell and provides structure

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