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  1. informational listening
  2. poor preparation
  3. sender
  4. modified block style business letter
  5. personal distance for interactions among good friends
  1. a all items begin at the left margin EXCEPT date begins at center page, complimentary close and signature block begin at center page, paragraphs may be blocked or intended
  2. b initiates the communication process
  3. c common cause of nervousness
  4. d close phase 1.5 - 2.5 feet
    far phase 2.5 - 4 feet
  5. e sarah is listening to cathy and trying very hard to understand her ideas on the subject. this is an example of

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  1. asking a question; quoting an important person; telling a joke. . apologizing is NOT
  2. when all group members are in agreement
  3. external communication is
  4. words that are pronounced like another words but have different meaning and are usually spelled differently
  5. listening in which the goal is to judge the quality or accuracy of a speakers remarks

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  1. proxemicsthe study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as


  2. manuscript speechlinda was attending an optimist club meeting and after her arrival was asked to give a speech concerning her vocation at the meeting. this is an example of


  3. syntaxinitiates the communication process


  4. rateto end a sentence in which the last word is abbreviated you should use a


  5. external communicationbusiness communications that are sent to receivers with a company