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  1. kinesics
  2. manuscript speech
  3. persuasion
  4. intrapersonal communication
  5. lose-lose
  1. a an approach to conflict resolution in which neither party achieves its goals is
  2. b the pope reads his speech word for word from a prepared text. this is an example of
  3. c act of attempting to influence the behavior and thinking of another person or group of people called
  4. d the type of communication which refers to those aspects of communication behavior that occur within the individual is
  5. e the study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as

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  1. to inform or explain; to persuade;' to entertain; ... to distract IS NOT
  2. the medium a sender selects to send the message is known as
  3. listening in which the goal is to judge the quality or accuracy of a speakers remarks
  4. all items begin at the left margin EXCEPT date begins at center page, complimentary close and signature block begin at center page, paragraphs may be blocked or intended
  5. best describes a dis confirming response with more than one meaning

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  1. informational listeningtype of listening involves listening to understand another person or idea


  2. intimate distance for embracing, touching or whisperingclose phase 4-7 feet
    far phase 7-12 feet


  3. periodto end a sentence in which the last word is abbreviated you should use a


  4. social distance for interactions among acquaintancesclose phase - less than 6 inches
    far phase - 6-18 inches


  5. pitchthe highness of lowness of the voice is know as