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  1. intimate distance for embracing, touching or whispering
  2. sender
  3. informational listening
  4. modified block style business letter
  5. equivocal terms
  1. a close phase - less than 6 inches
    far phase - 6-18 inches
  2. b all items begin at the left margin EXCEPT date begins at center page, complimentary close and signature block begin at center page, paragraphs may be blocked or intended
  3. c initiates the communication process
  4. d sarah is listening to cathy and trying very hard to understand her ideas on the subject. this is an example of
  5. e words that have more than one dictionary meaning are referred to as

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  1. incorrect thoughts that lead us to believe that we have heard the message before
  2. a receiver focusing on the speakers voice, screening out all other stimuli is an example of
  3. the discernible response of the receiver
  4. external communication is
  5. external communication includes

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  1. communicationact of attempting to influence the behavior and thinking of another person or group of people called


  2. informational listeningtype of listening involves listening to understand another person or idea


  3. internal communicationany communication which goes beyond the doors of your business is calledd


  4. syntaxdeals with the arrangement of words in a sentence


  5. syntaxinitiates the communication process