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  1. articulation
  2. proxemics
  3. personal letters; congratulatory notes; letters of reference
  4. 20 min
  5. empathetic listening
  1. a study how people and animals use space
  2. b the ideal time limit for a speech is
  3. c type of listening that would involve listening in which the goal is to help the speaker solve a problem
  4. d external communication includes
  5. e the process of pronouncing all the parts of a word is known as

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  1. type of listening involves listening to understand another person or idea
  2. refers to the whole sale distribution of identical copies of the same message to persons or receivers unknown to the sender and to eachother in any sense of interaction?
  3. the pope reads his speech word for word from a prepared text. this is an example of
  4. the meaning of words
  5. a worker is drilling a hole in the street just outside of the classroom making it nearly impossible for the students to hear the instructor. ex of this is

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  1. kinesicsthe study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as


  2. external communicationbusiness communications that are sent to receivers with a company


  3. message overloadtype of response in which no words are spoken


  4. intrapersonal communicationthe type of communication which refers to those aspects of communication behavior that occur within the individual is


  5. important with regard to a speakers awareness of the audience when choosing the speech materialknowing the demographic background of the audience; knowing if the audience has any prejudices; knowing if there are any common interests between the speaker and the audience