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  1. sender
  2. informational listening
  3. proper with use of a visual aid
  4. appropriate opening techniques for a speech
  5. personal distance for interactions among good friends
  1. a type of listening involves listening to understand another person or idea
  2. b visual should be relevant to the speech; should be large enough for all to see; eye contact with the audience should be maintained
  3. c asking a question; quoting an important person; telling a joke. . apologizing is NOT
  4. d close phase 1.5 - 2.5 feet
    far phase 2.5 - 4 feet
  5. e initiates the communication process

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  1. to inform or explain; to persuade;' to entertain; ... to distract IS NOT
  2. excessive written or verbal communication would be considered
  3. a worker is drilling a hole in the street just outside of the classroom making it nearly impossible for the students to hear the instructor. ex of this is
  4. the highness of lowness of the voice is know as
  5. the discernible response of the receiver

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  1. consensusinitiates the communication process


  2. semanticsinitiates the communication process


  3. evaluative listeninglistening in which the goal is to judge the quality or accuracy of a speakers remarks


  4. faulty assumptionsincorrect thoughts that lead us to believe that we have heard the message before


  5. poor preparationcommon cause of nervousness