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  1. volume
  2. 20 min
  3. proper with use of a visual aid
  4. intrapersonal communication
  5. memorized speech
  1. a visual should be relevant to the speech; should be large enough for all to see; eye contact with the audience should be maintained
  2. b type of speech is learned and delivered by rote without a written text
  3. c the type of communication which refers to those aspects of communication behavior that occur within the individual is
  4. d the ideal time limit for a speech is
  5. e johns speech instructor told john that he would have to speak a little louder, john needs to work on which area of public speaking

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  1. deals with the arrangement of words in a sentence
  2. the discernible response of the receiver
  3. a dis-confirming response with more than one meaning, leaving the other party unsure of the responders position is a
  4. an approach to conflict resolution in which neither party achieves its goals is
  5. all lines of type begin at left margin; easy to perform therefore most widely used

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  1. general purposes for making a speecha speech that is planned in advance but is presented in a direct, conversational manner is


  2. semanticsrefers to the whole sale distribution of identical copies of the same message to persons or receivers unknown to the sender and to eachother in any sense of interaction?


  3. intimate distance for embracing, touching or whisperingclose phase - less than 6 inches
    far phase - 6-18 inches


  4. an impromptu speechlinda was attending an optimist club meeting and after her arrival was asked to give a speech concerning her vocation at the meeting. this is an example of


  5. public distance used for public speakinga speech that is delivered word for word from a prepared text is called