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  1. semantics
  2. public distance used for public speaking
  3. equivocal terms
  4. denotations
  5. interpersonal communication
  1. a type of communication in which the two parties involved consider one another as individuals is
  2. b the objective, emotion free meanings of a term are known as
  3. c words that have more than one dictionary meaning are referred to as
  4. d the meaning of words
  5. e close phase 12-25 feet
    far phase 25 feet or more

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  1. to end a sentence in which the last word is abbreviated you should use a
  2. refers to the whole sale distribution of identical copies of the same message to persons or receivers unknown to the sender and to eachother in any sense of interaction?
  3. the discernible response of the receiver
  4. a receiver focusing on the speakers voice, screening out all other stimuli is an example of
  5. the ideal time limit for a speech is

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  1. senderthe arrangement of words in a sentence defines


  2. proper with use of a visual aidvisual should be relevant to the speech; should be large enough for all to see; eye contact with the audience should be maintained


  3. manuscript speechterm that is described as the believability of a speaker or other source of info


  4. message overloadexcessive written or verbal communication would be considered


  5. external communicationbusiness communications that are sent to receivers with a company


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