November Saints

25 terms by mollytheowl

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all saints day

holy day of obligation

all saints day

prayer - service - sacrifice

all saints day

role models of faith

Named Saints


Unnamed Saints


All saints day

the priest wears white

all saints day

november 1st

all souls day

november 2nd

all souls day

remember all who have died

all souls day

priest wears white or red

Martin de Porres

November 3rd

Martin de Porres

Lima, Peru

Martin de Porres

Mixed Races

Martin de Porres

Patron Saint of Social Justice

Martin de Porres

1st African American Saint

Christ the King

November 21st

Christ the King

Last Sunday of the Church Year

Christ the King

Jesus, King of Heaven and Earth

St. Cecilia

November 22nd

St. Cecilia

singing form of prayer

St. Cecilia

Patroness of Singers and Musicians


national day of gratitude in the U.S.


November 25th


Begins on November 28th


Holy Season to prepare for the birth of Jesus.

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