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Public Speaking: An audience-centered approach Ch.7


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World Wide Web (WWW)
The primary information-delivery system of the Internet.
vertical search engine
A website that indexes world wide web information in specific field.
Boolean search
And advanced web-searching technique that allows the user to narrow a subject or keyword search by adding various requirements.
Category in which a website is located on the Internet, indicated by the last three letters of the site's URL.
Online Databases
Subscription - based electronic resources that may offer access to abstracts and/or the full text of entries, as well as bibliographic data.
The collection of books in the library.
A story or anecdote that provides an example of an idea, issue, or problem a speaker is discussing.
brief illustration
And on elaborated example, often only a sentence or two long.
Extended illustration
A detailed example
Hypothetical illustration
And example that might happen but that has not actually occurred
A word picture of something
A statement that makes clear how something is done or why it exists in its present form or existed and its past form
A statement about what a term means or how it is applied in a specific instance
Definition by classification
A "dictionary definition," constructed by both placing a term in the general class to which it belongs in differentiating it from all other members of that class
Operational definition
A statement that shows how something works or what it does
A comparison
Literal Analogy
A comparison between two similar things
Figurative Analogy
A comparison between two essentially the similar things that share some common feature on which the comparison depends
Numerical data that summarize facts or samples
Primary source
The original collector and interpreter of information or data
Secondary source
An individual, organization, or publication that reports information or data gathered by another entity
Statement expressing an individuals attitudes, beliefs, or values
expert testimony
An opinion offered by someone who is an authority on a subject
lay testimony
An opinion or description offered by a non-expert who has first-hand experience
Literary Quotation
An opinion or description by a writer who speaks in a memorable and often poetic way
Preliminary Bibliography
A list of potential resources to be used in the preparation of a speech.