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What is incomplete dominance?


What is codominance?


What is independent assortment?

A principle states that genes for differrent traits can segregate independently during the formation of gametes

What are multiple alleles?

when genes have more than 2 alleles
It does NOT MEAN that an individual canhave more than 2 alleles
Example: rabbit fur

What are ploygenic trait?

Traits that are controlled by two or more genes
Example: skin color (more than four different genes?

A Red(RR) colored Mirabilis was crossed with White(WW) colored Mirabilis.
Which allele do you think is dominant?

Neither is dominant! The flower is pink!
Cases in which one allele is not completely dominant over another is called incomplete dominance.

In certain chickens, the allele for black feathers are dominant as well as the allele for white feathers. What do you think happened to the chicken?

The chicken had both black and white feather all of over its body. This is called codominance

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