30 terms

psychology ch 3

nervous system
regulates the body's internal functions and the way a person reacts to the external world.
peripheral nervous and central nervous system
the nervous system consists of two main parts
composed of three parts: the cell body, the axon, and the dendrites
brain and spinal
the central nervous system consists of the...
in order for a message to be sent from one neuron to another, it must cross the...
spinal cord
transmits messages btw the brain, the muscles, and the glands throughout the body. also it is involved in spinal reflex.
autonomic nervous system
controls the involuntary muscles and internal organs of the body
somatic nervous system
controls the voluntary muscles and the sense organs,
activated by touch and pain
sympathetic nervous system
prepares the body for dealing with emergencies
parasympathetic nervous system
helps the body calm down after dealing with an emergency
heart rate and blood pressure are functions regulated by this section of the brain
vision and hearing are regulated by this section of the brain
complex processes such as emotions are regulated by this section of the brain.
largest part of the brain,
includes the cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain that is involved with thinking, language, memory, and perceptions
corpus callosum
the structure in the brain that connects the two hemispheres of the brain and aids in getting information from one side of the brain to the other
CAT scan
a technique used to study the brain, provides a three-dimensional view of the brain
endocrine system
this body system consists of glands that secrete substances called hormones, which help to stimulate body finctions and affect behavior
pituitary gland
"master gland" secretes a ;arge number of hormones that affect many kinds of behaviors such as stimulating labor in pregnant women
a male sex hormone that aids in the development of secondary sex characteristics
produced in the ovaries, the female hormone that aids in development of secondary sec characteristics
produced in ovaries, is the hormone that helps prepare the body for pregnancy.
the transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring, as a way of understanding how and why people behave as they do.
nature-nuture debate
a controversy about the role that biology and environment play in determining psychological traits in humans
kinship studies
pshychologists use to determine the role that heredity and the environment play in determining a trait.
in studies of identical twins reared apart, similarities noted would most likely be due to _______ factors.
basic building blocks of heredity
part of a neuron carries messages away from a cell body
spinal cord transmits neurons from brain to muscles, injurying it would result to loss of neurons in your muscles that would often lead to paralysis.
why does a spinal cord injury often result in paralysis?
nerve cells
what is the peripheral nervous system made up of?
run through our body and communicate with each other.
what do neurons do?