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  1. Obsequious
  2. Conciliatory
  3. Churlish
  4. Irascible
  5. Holocaust
  1. a difficult to work with; lack of civility or grace
  2. b servile in attitude and manner; overly obedient
  3. c easily angered or highly erritable. Quick-tempered
  4. d mass destruction by fire
  5. e an attempt to gain favor; "suck-up"

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  1. An unorganized assortment
  2. shrill, harsh, high-pitch tone or sound
  3. lacking efficiency, irresponsible, pointless
  4. easy to understand; more transparent
  5. curse, invective

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  1. FeignFalse appearance; pretend as if true


  2. Deconstructionbreak down, break apart


  3. Juxtaposeplace two items/ideas side by side for comparison/contrast


  4. Eruditeinsolent or rude in speech or behavior


  5. EchelonFalse appearance; pretend as if true