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Setting of Ransom of Red Chief
Summit, Alabama
The Ransom of Red Chief author
O. Henry
In the ransom of red chief the narrator wakes to find
Red chief pretending to scalp bill
What does the narrator do to avoid being noticed when retreating the response to the ransom letter
Hides in a bush
They pay ebenzer how much money to take red chief back
250 dollars
Main character in the conflict
The force in conflict with the protagonist
Time place and social context of the story
flat character
a character who is not fully developed
Round character
fully developed character
static character
A character who does not change during the story.
dynamic character
A character that changes throughout the story
A statement the author is making about life
rising action
Adds complications to the plot and it's the longest part of the story
Introduces characters and establishes setting
high point of interest or action
falling action
events leading to the end of the story relates events
3rd person omniscient
narrator is all-knowing
3rd person limited
the narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character
1st person
the narrator is a character in the story uses I
Who is the author of I'm coming in?
Joseph n bell
Conflict in I'm coming in
Plane 323 is missing and needs to be landed. Man vs nature
Theme of I'm coming in
It's hard to save someone else's life and easier to save your own
First person from a tower duty officer
Author of "The Open Window"
H.H Munro or saki
Conflict of "The Open Window"
Mr Mattel has anxiety issues and thinks the house is haunted because of Veras lie
Theme of The Open Window
appearance vs. reality
POV of the open window
3rd person omniscient
The Author of "All Summer in a Day"
Ray Bradbury
conflict of all summer in a day
Margot gets locked in a closet and the children forget about her and she doesn't see the sun
Theme of All Summer in a Day
Jealousy does not cause good outcomes
POV of all summer in a day
3rd person omniestant
Who is the author of Charles
Shirley Jackson
Conflict in Charles
Charles or Laurie is making trouble at school
Theme in Charles
Do not lie
The Ransom of Red Chief author
O. Henry
Conflict in The Ransom Red Chief is
The kidnapped child ends up being a trouble maker
theme of the ransom of red chief
Do not do bad things because karma will happen
POV of Ransom of Red Chief
1st person Sam
The author of the test
Angelica Gibbs
Conflict in the test
The girl must pass her drivers test but the instructor is rude and racist
Theme in the test
Never let ignorance control you
POV of the test
3rd person omn
Author of Lamb to the Slaughter
Roald Dahl
Conflict of Lamb to the Slaughter
She kills her husband and now has to get away with it
Theme of Lamb to the Slaughter
POV of Lamb to the Slaughter
3rd person limited
The Tell-Tale Heart Author
Edgar Allan Poe
Conflict of The Tell-Tale Heart
Narrator vs. evil eye everyone
Theme of Tell Tale Heart
Guilt is a powerful force that cannot be ignored or avoided
POV of Tell Tale Heart
1st person
Author of The Most Dangerous Game
Richard Connell
Conflict of The Most Dangerous Game
He is being hunted man vs man
POV of The Most Dangerous Game
3rd person limited
situational irony
When something happens that is the reverse of what you expected. There is shock and contradiction
dramatic irony
the reader knows something the character/ audience doesn't
verbal irony
When the reader says on thing but means another