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  1. inopportune
  2. rampant
  3. pinnacle
  4. supple
  5. extirpate
  1. a coming at a bad time, not appropriate
  2. b to destroy totally, tear up by the roots
  3. c growing without check, running wild
  4. d bending easily
  5. e high peak or point

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  1. definite, clearly stated
  2. to include or contain; to be made up of
  3. considered beforehand, deliberately thought of
  4. stale, moldy; out of date
  5. to give consent, yield; to assume an office or dignity

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  1. officiousunfavorable, threatening, of bad omen


  2. ironicsuggesting mockery, as when things turn out in an unexpected or inappropriate way


  3. brandishto wave, flourish


  4. valorousbrave, courageous


  5. deftstale, moldy; out of date