AP Human Geography (Ch.3)


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Population growth is most rapid in ________ developed countries, and geographers are concerned with population growth at the ___________ level.
less, regional
_____________ may be defined at the regional level as population relative to resources instead of absolute numbers of people.
East Asia holds ____ percent of the world's population.
The population of ________ Asia is mostly in China but also Japan, North and South Korea, and Taiwan.
The population of East Asia is mostly in ______ but also _________, North and South ________, and___________.
China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Population is clustered near the large __________ and the _________.
rivers, ocean
China's population is only about _______ urban.
South Asia's population is mostly in _________ but also Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
South Asia's population is mostly in India but also ____________, _______________, and ___ _____.
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
Population is concentrated along the _______ and __________ rivers, and also along the coasts.
Indus, Ganges
About 75 percent of South Asia's population is ________.
Southeast Asia's population is______________ on the larger islands of Indonesia, the Philippines, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua New Guinea.
The United States first passed a law establishing a global quota for immigrants in _____.
In what state was the United States "center of population gravity" located during the period 1900-1940?
What are the two types of internal migration?
interregional and intraregional
What are three major kinds of push and pull factors?
economic, cultural, and environmental factors
According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there were approximately how many unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in 2013?
11 million
Which of the following European countries has sent the largest number of immigrants to the United States?
During the peak immigration period of 1905-1914, from what regions of Europe did the majority of immigrants come to the United States?
Southern and Eastern Europe
What four countries are the leading sources of Asian immigrants to the United States?
China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India
What term describes the migration of people to a specific location because relatives or countrymen previously migrated there?
chain migration
What is the name for immigrants from poorer countries who were allowed to immigrate temporarily to obtain jobs in some wealthy European countries?
guest workers
After what decade did immigration to the United States drop sharply?
What country has sent the highest total number of immigrants to the United States?
What two countries are the leading destinations for remittances?
India, China
What term describes the net migration of people from urban into rural areas?
counter urbanization
What term describes an individual who has been forced to migrate for political reasons but has not crossed an international border?
internally displaced person (IDP)
Other large populations are along the rivers of the Southeast Asia____________.