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ad interim

can be abbreviated "ad int" and has an English counterpart which is "in the interim" and the meaning is "in the meantime" as an INTERIM pastor a pastor who is in charge of your church in the meantime until a permanent one can be found

aegrescit medendo

the remedy is worse than the disease literally " the disease worsens with the treatment", a phrase from Vergil

amor proximi

love of one's neighbor, from the Book of Leviticus in the Bible which says, "love thy neighbor as thyself"

a vinculo matrimonii

means a divorce from the chains of marriage, it is a total divorce of husband and wife, dissolves the marriage tie and releases the parties totally from matrimonial obligations.

consensus facit legem

consent makes law, the principle that an agreement between 2 parties is binding if the agreement does not in any way violate existing law

ignorantia legis

ignorance of the law, means that ignorance does not excuse you from knowing the laws

locus sigilli

the place of the seal, abbreviated "l.s" and is the place on a document where a seal of a notary public would be placed

Ave Caesar nos morituri te salutamus

Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you
this phrase was said by gladiators entering the arena to launch into mortal combat

non possumus

we are not able, we cannot, this was the response given by Peter and John when asked to stop preaching, now used by a pope to reject a suggested innovation to doctrine

paucis verbis

literally "in few words", we would say, in brief

qui me amat, amat meam felem (canem)

who loves me loves my cat (dog), love me love my cat

seq (seqq)

an abbreviation of sequens and sequentes, meaning "the following" and of sequitur "it follows"

sit non doctissima coniunx

this was by Martial and it means ",may my wife not be very learned", he thought this to be a Roman formula for a happy marriage having a wife that wasn't smart

suum cuique pulchrum

literally "to everyone, his own is beautiful" we would say Love is blind

testis unus, testis nullus

one witness, no witness- a legal statement which says that unsupported testimony is NO better than the complete ABSENCE of testimony and it suggests to us that we should not give full credence to a story we hear from one source only

volens et potens

willing and able

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