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Overall, the New Deal's record for improving conditions for African Americans was
D.mixed, because all the preceding statements are accurate.
During the 1932 presidential campaign, the Republican and Democratic candidates both promised generally to balanced the budget
The Twentieth Amendment moved the presidential inauguration date from March to January
The HGLC addressed the problem of overcharging by doctors and others in the medical and health professions
The main idea of the cartoon is that the New Deal
A. Threatens the constitution and the American people
Keynesianism involves reducing government spending in times of severe unemployment
In 1939, seventeen percent of the nations labor force was still out of work
At the end of the Hoover administration, four out of every five american banks were closed
Eleanor Roosevely helped the president by
C. taking political risks he could not take, as well as by being the conscience of administration
The goal of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 was to raise from income mainly through:
A. Cutbacks in production
Which effect accurately complete the flow chart?
C. Consumer demand falls because of there is less money to spend
"Okies" were people who traveled west to escape the effects of the Dust Bowl or because they had been driven off the land by New Deal benefit programs
The fair Labor Standards Act forbade racial discrimination in hiring
What was the most likely cause of the election results shown on the map
A. Most voters blamed Presedent Hoover for the Great Depression
The Federal Emergenct Relief Administration
D. is correctly represented by all the above statements
Roosevelt's court-packing scheme became unnessary when:
the Supreme Court began reversing precious judgements and upholding the New Deal
Based upon your understanding of the New Deal, which of the following programs would have immediatly and directly aided the letter writer's family spending power
Most allied countries defaulted on their war debts to the United States during the Great Depression
American Isolationism reached its peak late in 1941
The photograph shows a female factory worker during WWII. It demonstrates the during the war, many women
C. achieved economic equality in the workplace
The united state's declaration of war in 1941 passes the Congress unanimously
The Lansing-Ishii Agreement
C. Acknowledged that Japan had "special interests" in China
The National Socialist party was
A. Led by Adolph Hitler
According to the passage above
D. Japan signed a mutual military pact in which it agreed to declare war on any country that attacked Italy, or Germany
In the presidential election of 1940, both candidated supported all-out aid to Great Britain
The Neutrality Act of 1939
C. Kept U.S. shops from war zones but approved cash-and-carry trade even for arms
Germany took priority in the fighting because
D. All the above
According to this exerpt from the New York TImes (03/24/1935) and your lecture notes Nye Committee, investigations seemed to prove that
C. The United States entered WWI to permit the munitions manufacturers to make greater profits.
In the 1938 agreement signed at Munich:
B. Britain and France agreed to let Hitler have Sudetenland
Both Britain and France went to war
C. when Hitler invaded Poland
Which conclusion can be reached about the scientists who signed the document
D. They thought having the atomic bomb would prevent future wars.
The date President Roosevelt refers to in this quote, the bombing of Pearl Harbor is
B. December 7, 1941
The Atlantic Charter included all of the following principles except:
C.The elimination of communism
Black AMerican soldiers usually served in segregated units in WWII
By the end of WWII, over six million women had entered the workforce
The U.S military used Native Americans as "Code Talkers" during WWII
Some six million Jews were killed in the Nazi Holocaust:
Based on the exerpt above and your understanding of the WWII era, President Franklin Roosevelt argues that the United Stated needed to abandon its foreign policy of
The Battle of Midway
A. was the turning point of the war in the Pacific
The purpose of the War Production Board was to:
A. direct industrial conversion to war production
The Office of Price Administration
C. Rationed tires, sugar, coffee, gasoline, and other items
The bracero program
D. brought some 200,000 Mexican farm workers into the western United States
Operation "Overlord" was the
B. D-Day invasion at Normandy
The Battle of Okinawa
B. was most significant for wearing down the remaining Japanese defenses.
What Role did the American scientific community have in WWII
C. Scientists participated actively in developing new weapons, chemicals, medicines, and medical techniques that would advance the fight against the Axis powers
Which of the following is not true regarding the government's management of public opinion during WWII
A. Publishers and broadcasts were allowed to say and report whatever they thought would be in the best interest of the public and the war effort
Which area designated on the map above shows where the United States military was attacked in December 7, 1941
A. I
"Nisei" were Americans of Japanese descent
Based on the chart, the camp with the largest peak population was
B. Tule Lake, California
At the Yalta Conference, Stalin agreed on all the following except
D. Withdrawal of all troops from Eastern Europe as soon as the war was over.