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  1. behavior based on respect fro persons in authority.
  2. resources (tangible, intellectual, social, emotional) provided by others in times of need.
  3. a group of people who form an alliance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful criminal activity.
  4. an intervention to help children who have trouble making and keeping friends learn to relate to others.
  5. loosely organized reference groups of cliques.
  6. techniques used to measure patterns of acceptance, neglect, and rejection among members of a group.

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  1. Morality of Cooperationbehavior based on respect fro persons in authority.


  2. Reality Testingtesting assumptions against facts.


  3. Social Cognitionbehavior informed by an understanding of others' feelings and intentions, the ability to respond appropriated, and knowledge of the consequences of one's actions.


  4. Peersare equals, individuals who are usually of the same gender, age, and social status who share interests.


  5. Assumptive RealityElkind's term for children in Piaget's stage of concrete operations who put too much faith in their reasoning ability and cleverness.