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30 terms

Nakama 2-Kanji ch. 3

to get up, to wake up, き/お(きる)
to sleep, to lie down, しん/ね(る)
to use, し/つか(う)
to make, さく/つく(る)
to teach, きょう/おし(える)
to wash, せん/あら(う)
to cut, せつ/き(る)
to have, to hold, じ/も(つ)
to wait, たい/ま(つ)
to begin, し/はじ(まる)/はじ(める)
to end, しゅう/お(わる)
to arrive, to put on, ちゃく/つ(く)/き(る)
to take, しゅ/と(る)
to lend, たい/か(す)
to borrow, しゃく/か(りる)
to return, へん/かえ(す)
to run, そう/はし(る)
to walk, ほ、ぽ、ある(く)
to ride, じょう/の(る)
friend, ゆう/とも
to reach, to arrive, to attain, たち/だち/たつ
meat, にく
fish, ぎょ/さかな
cow, ぎゅう/うし
bird, ちょう/とり
field, や/の
vegetables, さい
material, りょう
reason, logic, り
material, timber, ざい