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literary expression of the story, characters, actions, locations and tone of your film written in specialized dramatic script format

script development

process of working and reworking film's story material


very brief outline of basic elements involved in story


prose description of the plot

narrative beat

dramatic event in which the action, decisions or revelations of that moment move the plot forward

step outline/beat sheet

one sentence describing each scene or each narrative beat

author's draft

first complete version of the narrative in proper screenplay format.

final draft

last version of the author's draft before being turned into a shooting script

shooting script

version of screenplay you take into production


externalize and reveal the internal through actions, dialogue, and visual context


dramatic moment that has unity of both time and location.

scene directions

stage directions. always written in present tense. where most creative writing takes place


performers who do not have a dramatic role in film

off screen

implies character is present in time and place of scene but not visible


implies that person speaking is not speaking from that time or place


defined through actions


way in which a person presents himself to the world

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