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American History

a system developed by kings in order to compete for control of the world's trade routes, thereby increasing their money and power
goods sold to other countries
goods bought from other countries
Favorable Balance of trade
exporting more products than importing to make money
who benefited?
European rulers
how did they benefit?
-starting plantations to grow valuable commodities.
-establishing trading posts
-collecting a percent of company profits
Drawbacks for Native Americans
-looting of treasures and jewels
-forced religion
-loss of land
-death (conquistadors)
-50 to 90 percent of Natives died.
Benefits for Native Americans
introduced to:
-a variety of livestock (pigs, chicken, cows, sheep)
-new technology (plows, traps, axe heads, muskets)
-many plants
-horses (for transportation)
Drawbacks for Explorers
Benefits for explorers
-beaver fur to make hats
-much wealth from tobacco and sugar cane plantations
-new plants, and animals
-silver and gold
-new crops (corn and potatoes)
-new slaves (natives)
Queen Elizabeth
-granted Raleigh a patent to colonize in America
-known as the virgin queen
-Virginia was named after her
Sir Walter Raleigh
Raised money to establish a colony of Roanoke
John White
-Governor of the Roanoke colony
-returned to England for supplies, but could not return right away due to war
-when he returned, he found the area deserted and the words (CROATAN, and CRO) carved on the tree.
1584 voyage
Military expedition; found land good for farming and defendable
1586 Voyage
Mission consisted of young ambitious men looking to make money by finding gold
-bad relationship with the indians and loss of food supply
-returned to england
1587 Voyage
-consisted of farmers, women and children who came in family groups.
-117 people
-intended to be more permanent
Virginia Dare
first English child born in the New World
King James I
gave patent and money to start the colony
John Smith
Governor/ leader of the Colony
John Rolfe
grew tobacco
House of Burgesses
first type of government or legislature in the New World.
-elected representatives to establish laws for the colony
Why was jamestown colony established
to look for gold and silver