Trujillo's definitions


breaking food down into smaller particles. Chemical and physical


Substances that causes less water to be reabsorbed by the kidney and therefore cause water to be excreted

Diuretic examples

Lasix and Hctz. Naturals are caffeine and alcohol


a. controls electrical impulses for muscle contractions. Potassium sodium pump. Too little Na+ causes contractions. Too much Na+ causes high blood pressure. Too much K+ causes a heart attack.

Minerals and vitamins

Fat soluble water soluble and UV soluble. Vehicles for minerals and vitamins. Fat soluble requires milk, food. Water soluble requires water. Vitamin D is process only with UV light. Absence can cause osteomalacia. Vitamin D lack of causes rickets.

Red Blood cells carry

oxygen to make up for the higher altitude here in NM


How our body uses our dietary intake.


Sodium. Helps maintain shelf life.


taking in nutrients into the body and how the body uses them

Nutrition lacking

lacking of time, funds, appetite, stress, emotional state.

Alcohol and wrong balance of foods

are what we are taking in.

Saturated fat is

animal fat.

No carbs

before sleeping.

Oils that are beneficial

canola, peanut, and olive. The fats are unsaturated, mono saturated, and polyunsaturated fat.

transfat is

animal fats

Triglycerides come

from carbohydrates.

Amino acids

building blocks, proteins

Three origins of drugs are

the human body, plants, and synthetics

Routes of administration

oral, rectal, vaginal, buccal, sublingual, opthalmic, ottic, inhalation, transdermal, and parenteral,

Parenteral injections are

intramuscular, intradermal, intravenous, subcutaneous, intrathecal, and intercavity. IM, ID, IV, SC

Six Rights are

drug, dose, route, time, patient, documentation

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