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[VERB] When something shrivels or when something shrivels it, it becomes dryer and smaller, often with lines in its surface, as a result of losing the water it contains.
쪼글쪼글해지다; 쪼글쪼글하게 만들다
The face was as brown and wrinkled as a _____ed apple.
[NOUN] Your ankle is the joint where your foot joins your leg.
I twisted my ankle and it swelled up
VERB[slang]often foll by around)to loiter or walk aimlessly
자동사] (英) 어슬렁[어정]거리다; 빈둥거리다
He's happy to _____ around the house all day
[NOUN] A trout is a fairly large fish that lives in rivers and streams. 송어
I can fish for ____ in this stream
[NOUN] A stream is a small narrow river. 개울
유의어 [명사] river, brook, burn, ...
I can fish for trout in this _____
[VERB] When you tickle someone, you move your fingers lightly over a sensitive part of their body, often in order to make them laugh. 동사 (손가락으로 장난치는) 간지럼을 태우다
I used to ____ my kitty
doze off
to go to sleep, especially during the day
(특히 낮에) 잠이 들다
My cat dozed off in front of the fire
[ADJ] [INFORMAL] If you describe something as diabolical, you are emphasizing that it is very bad, extreme, or unpleasant. (비격식 특히 英) 끔찍한, 진저리나는
[VERB] [INFORMAL] If you whack someone or something, you hit them hard. 동사[vn] (비격식) 세게 치다, 후려치다
She _____ed him with bat
[EXCLAM] People sometimes shout `Hooray!' when they are very happy and excited about something.
감탄사; 만세(즐거움・찬성의 표시로 지르는 소리
_______, our team won the game!
[VERB] If you flop into a chair, for example, you sit down suddenly and heavily because you are so tired
동사(down/back) (너무 지쳐서) 털썩 주저앉다[눕다]
The rabbit ___ped back, unconscious
[VERB] If you clasp someone or something, you hold them tightly in your hands or arms. [vn] (꽉) 움켜쥐다[움켜잡다] [유의어] grasp, hold, press,
She _____ed the children to her
[VERB] When you unwrap something, you take off the paper, plastic, or other covering that is around it.
[VN] (포장지 등을) 풀다 /[유의어] wrap up
Don't _____ your present until your birthday
[NOUN] Plaster is a smooth paste made of sand, lime, and water which goes hard when it dries. Plaster is used to cover walls and ceilings and is also used to make sculptures. 동의어 [명사] stucco, gypsum
명사 1. [석고]반죽 2. 소석고; 깁스 (붕대)
She broke her leg a month ago and it's still in ______
[NOUN] Suppertime is the period of the day when people have their supper. It can be in the early part of the evening or just before they go to bed at night.
명사 저녁 식사 시간 ((보통 오후 5-7시 사이))
It is _______ and the food is on the table
[ADJ] If someone's body or a part of their body is bloated, it is much larger than normal, usually because it has a lot of liquid or gas inside it. 형용사/ 부은, 부푼
His stomach was bloated from eating too much
[NOUN] [BRIT] A baron is a man who is a member of the lowest rank of the nobility
명사1. 남작 2. (특정 산업 분야의) 부호[거물]
_____s had to swear an oath of allegiance to the king
[NOUN] A splint is a long piece of wood or metal that is fastened to a broken arm, leg, or back to keep it still.
명사 (접골 치료용) 부목(副木)
The _____ should be snug but not tight
[ADV] If you say that something is presumably the case, you mean that you think it is very likely to be the case, although you are not certain 부사]아마, 짐작컨대
[동의어] seemingly, apparently, on the face of it
They are presumably talking about xboyfriend.
[NOUN] A triumph is a great success or achievement, often one that has been gained with a lot of skill or effort. 명사;업적[승리], 대성공 [유의어] success, victory,
The winning team returned home in triumph with trophy.

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