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14 terms

-Chapter 5 Vocabularyy;

-Applachian Mountains
-One Of Two Major Mountaions Chanins in The Eastern United States And Canada, Extending 1,600 Miles From Newfoundland South To Alabama;
-Great Plains;
-A Vast Grassland If Central North America That is Largely Treeless And Ascends To 4,000 Feet Above Sea Level;
-Canadian Shield;
-A Northern Part Of The interior Lowlands That is Rocky, Flat Region Covering Nearly Rwo Million Square Miles Ad Encircling Hudson Bay;
-Rocky Mountains;
-A Mojor Moun tains System Of The United States And Canada, Extending 3,000 Miles From Alaska South To New Mexico;
-Great Lakes;
-A Gropu Of Five Freshwater Lakes North America Between The United Stated And Canada; The Lakes Are Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, And Superior;
-Mackenzie River
-Canada's Longest River, Whoch is Part Of A River System That Flows Accross The Northwest Territories To The Artic Ocean;
-Continental Divide;
-The Line Of The Highest Points in North America That Marks The Seperation Between Rivers Flowing Eastward And Westward;
-A Permanently Frozen Ground;
-Pevailing Westerlies;
-Winds That Blow From West To East in The Middle Oh The Lattitudes;
-A Large Subtropical Swampland in Florida Of About 4,000 Square Miles;
-A Person With No Permanent Home Who Moves According To The Seasons From Place To Place in Search Of Food, Water, And Grazing Land;
-A Land Bridge Thought TTo Have Connected What Are Now Siberia And Alaska;
-St. Lawrence Seaway
-North America's Nist unoirtant Deepwater Ship Route, Connexting The Great Lakes To The Atlantic Ocean By Way Of The St. Lawrence River;
-A Sectin Of A Waterway With Closed Gates Where Water Levels Are Raised Or Lowered, THrough Which Ships Pass;