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All states except ________________________ sent delegates

Rhode Island

The purpose of the convention was to ________ the AOC by making the national government stronger.


__________________ wanted nothing to do with a stronger national government

Rhode Island

3 things about the delegates

-White males
-55 men
-most in their 30s and 40s

What did Patrick Henry say when he was selected for the national government?

"I smell a rat."

What 3 people didn't attend the convention

Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
Thomas Paine

____________________ was in bad health and very old so he attended rarely

Benjamin Franklin

______________________ was unanimously chosen to preside

George Washington

________________ from ___________ arrived with a draft of a completely new framework for the government

James Madison

_____________ was referred to as the "Father of the Constitution"


Delegates agreed from the beginning to keep everything ___________


To keep secrecy what did they do?

they sat everyday in a room with closed windows and with guards posted at every door.

What made the convention even more difficult?

The heat was incredibly high making it hard to focus.

Delegates wanted to be able to change their minds so they would ___________ as many times as needed


Delegates soon realize the AOC could not be ___


The Virginia plan was _______________ but presented by _________________.

Edmund Randolph

Name the three branches

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial

What does each branch do?

Legislative makes the laws. Executive carries them out, and judicial decides if the laws are constitutional

The Virginia Plan called for a ___-house legislature; number of members would be determined by populations—________ states would have more representation (votes)


__________ states would have very little power


States such as ________________, _________________, and________________ asked why states with about 60,000 people should have the same power as states with 700,000 people


Virginia plan said that if two states could not settle a dispute the ____________________ would settle it

national government

The Virginia plan suggested that the _________ not the __________ should chose president and national judges


________________ from New Jersey presented the small states plan

William Patterson

According to the New Jersey plan each state would have ____ vote no matter the size of population


Congress would be made up of ___ houses


________ house, called the Senate, would be chosen by state
legislatures; each state, large or small, would have ___ senators


_________ house, called the House of Representatives, would be chosen directly by the people; number of representatives for each state would be based on ____________


________________ passed by a very close vote

The Great Compromise

The _________ did want the slaves to count as people for their population, but the _________ did not they compromised by making slaves be ______ of a person


The constitution was completed after _ months


The final copy of the constitution was signed on __________________________

September 17,1787

What 3 people refused to sign the constitution?

George Mason—against the Constitution till his death Edmund Randolph—eventually supported it
Elbridge Gerry—from Massachusetts

At least _ of the __ states had to ratify the new constitution for it to become law


No one was completely _________ with the final product but most believed it was a big improvement


Major sources for the constitution included the _______________ and__________________

Iroquois League
European Countries

They also took from 2 important people, _____________________ and ___________________

John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu

Locke's ideas were presented in ______________ on Government; he believed all people had natural rights to _____, ____________, and ___________

Two Treatises
life, liberty, and property;

From Montesquieu they took _________________________ separation of powers; believed a government's power should be shared among three branches _______________________

The Spirit of Laws
legislative, executive, and judicial

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