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  1. Delirium
  2. Variation
  3. Belligerent
  4. Frail
  5. Mukluks
  1. a something a little different from others of the same type
  2. b Waging war, aggressive
  3. c easily broken or damaged or destroyed
  4. d n. an eskimo boot made of sealskin or reindeer skin
  5. e a state of violent excitement or emotion

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  1. a high-pitched male voice
  2. To put into effect
  3. excessive
  4. Commonly held belief about specific social groups or types of individuals
  5. a ridge or hill of ice in an ice field

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  1. Moderatelymedium, not too little, not too much


  2. Meddlerlittle swirls of water


  3. Traversedmade less dense


  4. Maelstroma whirlpool of great size and violence


  5. Panoramaa vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line


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