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Household chores, as well as words and phrases to use with present subjunctive.


to neaten; to straighten up

barrer el suelo

to sweep the floor


to cook


to get dirty

hacer la cama

to make the bed

hacer quehaceres domésticos

to do household chores


to wash

limpiar la casa

to clean the house

pasar la aspiradora

to vacuum

planchar la ropa

to iron the clothes

poner la mesa

to set the table

quitar la mesa

to clear the table

quitar el polvo

to dust

sacar la basura

to take out the trash

sacudir los muebles

to dust the furniture


to advise


to insist


to order


to recommend


to beg; to plead


to suggest

Es bueno que

It's good that

Es importante que

It's important that

Es malo que

It's bad that

Es mejor que

It's better that

Es necesario que

It's necessary that

Es urgente que

It's urgent that

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