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  1. there must be an offer and there must be acceptance
  2. jurisdiction
  3. ratification
  4. to arraign
  5. a premium
  1. a the power of authority which each court has to hear cases is called
  2. b to read the charge of an indictment is
  3. c a restatement of one's willingness to be bound by his promises made during minority is called
  4. d the two essential elements of a contract are
  5. e the consideration of an insurance policy is

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  1. the statute listing certain classes of contracts which must be in writing to be enforceable is called the
  2. for the avg citizen, the most important courts of the state court system are the
  3. another term for the insurer is
  4. a check that a bank draws on its own funds and is signed by a responsible bank official but may be used by anyone to pay a debt is called
  5. quasi property means

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  1. an independent contractora trade embalmer acts as


  2. novationa change of parties with the formation of a new contract is


  3. intangible personal propertyproperty rights consisting merely of evidences of ownership of property, such as copyrights, checks, notes and stocks are


  4. appointmentthe most common method of creating an agency is by


  5. executorya contract in which the terms have not been fully performed by all the parties is said to be