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  1. the inheritance statute
  2. voidable
  3. breach of contract
  4. ordinances
  5. the probate court
  1. a a contract made by a person who is so intoxicated as to be unaware of the consequences is
  2. b a surviving spouse may avoid being written out of a will by invoking
  3. c the court having sole jurisdiction over estates is
  4. d laws passed by local govs are
  5. e the violation of the terms of a contract is referred to as

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  1. a contact under seal is called
  2. a trade embalmer acts as
  3. when the buyer makes a selection of goods which are to be purchased from the seller, the goods are classified as
  4. the means whereby one party conveys his rights in a contract to another who is not a party to the original contract is called
  5. a temporary order forbidding a certain action is

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  1. placed in the mail by the offereeparties who acquire rights superior to those of the original owner are known as


  2. a writan individual who brings together contracting parties is called


  3. intestatewhen a person dies without a will, he is said to die


  4. propertygenerally, a minor is fully liable for his/her


  5. decompositionthe major source of mortuary law is