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  1. a broker
  2. underwriter
  3. custodian
  4. a material fact
  5. implied contract
  1. a an individual who brings together contracting parties is called
  2. b a contract in which the duties and obligations assumed by the parties are not verbalized but indicated by their actions is known as
  3. c when a FD has a dead human body in his care, he is properly termed a
  4. d a fact that could alter ones decision to enter into a legal binding contract is
  5. e another term for the insurer is

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  1. courts that have exclusive jurisdiction of bankruptcy matters, claims against the US, and patent and copyright cases are defined as
  2. a carrier that transports goods or persons for a fee for all who apply for the services and without discrimination is called a
  3. a restatement of one's willingness to be bound by his promises made during minority is called
  4. contracts in which fraud is proven are considered
  5. the profits of a corp belong to the corp until set aside by the directors for distribution

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  1. a counterofferan offer is rejected by


  2. tortwhen the duty of care that motorist owes another motorists and pedestrians is breached and results in injury or damage to another, that motorist has committed a


  3. stockholdersa dead human body used for anatomical study is a


  4. a minora person below the adult age is


  5. verdictthe decisions of a jury is the