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  1. an appellate court
  2. rescind
  3. a material fact
  4. limited partnership
  5. an attorney in fact
  1. a a partnership in which one partner's liability is limited to a capital contribution only is a
  2. b to cancel or annul or avoid a contract is to
  3. c a federal court of appeals is
  4. d a fact that could alter ones decision to enter into a legal binding contract is
  5. e an agent that has been appointed by a sealed written authorization which states that the agent is to act in the principals behalf is

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  1. a temporary order forbidding a certain action is
  2. a formal written command issued by a court of law
  3. a carrier owned by a shipper for the purpose of shipping its own goods is a
  4. the condition of an estate of a deceased person which is unable to pay the debts of the decedent and/or the estate is referred to as being
  5. a contract must always be

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  1. an endowment policya reducing term insurance policy plus savings account is called


  2. district attorneyembalming is a form of


  3. is not property in a real sensea dead human body


  4. anti trust lawslaws that are designed to protect or prevent any individual from controlling a large share of a market or products are


  5. plaintiffa corporation has a distinct existence separate and apart from the existence of its individual members which is known as