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  1. voidable
  2. compensation
  3. torts
  4. executed
  5. disaffirmance
  1. a a principal owes which of the following duties to the agent
  2. b a contract whose terms have been fully carried out is
  3. c the election to void a contract is called
  4. d generally, a minor is fully liable for his/her
  5. e a contract made by an insane person who has not been declared so judicially is

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  1. a sealed written contract usually issued by a corp, a municipality, or a gov which contains a promise to pay a sum certain in money at a fixed or determinable future time is
  2. a person receiving a gift of real estate in a will is
  3. not a necessity. {clothes, food, & shelter are}
  4. classified as moveable personal property
  5. a contract in which undue influence was proven is considered

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  1. appointmentexhumation is a term for


  2. private corporationscorps formed by individuals to perform some non governmental function are called


  3. silent partnera partner who takes no active part in the management of the business, but who possible may be known as a partner is a


  4. contract ratethe max amount of interest that may be charged is called


  5. a pawnthe deposit of tangible personal property as security for some debt or obligation is


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