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  1. void
  2. ordinances
  3. check
  4. real property
  5. a cashiers check
  1. a the laws of city councils are called
  2. b a contract that is of no legal effect
  3. c a check that a bank draws on its own funds and is signed by a responsible bank official but may be used by anyone to pay a debt is called
  4. d land, timber, minerals, buildings, and other man made property permanently attached to land are called
  5. e a draft drawn on a bank and payable on demand is a

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  1. the power of authority which each court has to hear cases is called its
  2. a contract that may be set aside by at least one of the parties is
  3. rules of civil conduct commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong defines
  4. a person who dies leaving a valid will is called a
  5. orders and decrees from gov agencies which have the force of law is considered

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  1. custodianwhen a FD has a dead human body in his care, he is properly termed a


  2. replevinan action to recover possession of property unlawfully detained is termed


  3. a constitutiona document which defines the relationships of the gov itself and of its citizens is


  4. verdictthe decisions of a jury is the


  5. another statea foreign corp is one that is chartered in