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  1. a minor
  2. written contracts
  3. blank; qualified; and restrictive indorsements
  4. agency
  5. replevin
  1. a indorsements of commercial paper include what
  2. b a person below the adult age is
  3. c an action to recover possession of property unlawfully detained is termed
  4. d the contract between a principal and an agent creates a relationship called
  5. e the statute of frauds states that for contracts classified under this statue to be enforceable they must be

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  1. a person appointed by the court to oversee the estate of an intestate is called
  2. the power of authority which each court has to hear cases is called its
  3. the statute listing certain classes of contracts which must be in writing to be enforceable is called the
  4. a contract that may be set aside by at least one of the parties is
  5. the power to adopt laws for the protection of the public is

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  1. fraudone who induces another to enter into a contract as a result of an intentionally or recklessly false statement of a material fact is guilty of


  2. quasi propertya dead human body is said to be


  3. per stirpesthe party who appoints an agent is the


  4. defaultthe person who is the beneficiary of personal property by a will is the


  5. false testimonya principal owes which of the following duties to the agent