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  1. fungible goods
  2. a counteroffer
  3. holder in due course
  4. statute of frauds
  5. from a previous contract
  1. a accord and satisfaction is an agreement made and executed in satisfaction of the rights one has
  2. b an offer is rejected by
  3. c parties who acquire rights superior to those of the original owner are known as
  4. d the statute listing certain classes of contracts which must be in writing to be enforceable is called the
  5. e goods of a homogenous nature which are sold by weight or measure are known as

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  1. a process may be referred to as
  2. duress is classified according to the nature of the threat as
  3. goods which are owned by the seller and are physically in existence at the time of the contract are known as
  4. a contract in which the terms have not been fully performed by all the parties is said to be
  5. oral contracts are

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  1. common lawthe law whose purpose is to compensate the aggrieved, not to punish the wrongdoer is


  2. promissory notethe major source of mortuary law is


  3. furnitureclassified as moveable personal property


  4. limited liabilityan advantage to a corp is


  5. stock certificatesownership of corp stocks is represented by


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