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  1. implied contract
  2. breach of contract
  3. a bond
  4. another state
  5. judicially declared insane person
  1. a a foreign corp is one that is chartered in
  2. b a contract in which the duties and obligations assumed by the parties are not verbalized but indicated by their actions is known as
  3. c the violation of the terms of a contract is referred to as
  4. d a contract made with who would be considered void
  5. e a sealed written contract usually issued by a corp, a municipality, or a gov which contains a promise to pay a sum certain in money at a fixed or determinable future time is

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  1. a life insurance policy which continues until the dead of the insured is
  2. a permanent order, issued by a court, forbidding activities which would be detrimental to others is
  3. the party who makes the offer is the
  4. usury is a term which refers to
  5. an individual who brings together contracting parties is called

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  1. furnitureclassified as moveable personal property


  2. an oral willan expressed willingness from a person to enter into a contractual agreement is


  3. abatementlaws enacted by legislative bodies are


  4. decompositiona change of parties with the formation of a new contract is


  5. principalthe party who appoints an agent is the