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Human Body Systems

The organs and body systems would die from lack of oxygen
What would happen if all the red blood cells in the blood disappeared?
Nasal cavity, nostrils, larynx, Pharynx, trachea and lungs are part of which system?
The cells would not be able to get rid of their waste.
What would happen if an organism's waste removal system were to stop working?
If a person has excessive sugar and impurities in their blood which system is not working properly?
A robot has a built in computer that controls all of its the movements. The robot's computer that control its movements is similar to which organ in the body?
Cardiac muscle
This type of muscle is found only in the heart
The brain is an organ in the _________________________ system
Immune and Lymphatic
The organ system that are served by white blood cells when they fight off foreign invaders such as diseases are ____________________________
They begin mechanical digestion
What role do teeth play in the digestive system?
Skeletal and muscular system
Which two major systems help your body with movement?
Respiratory and circulatory systems
The lungs allow oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to leave the blood. Which two body systems are at work?
Organs are made up of ___________________.
The brain sends signals to your muscles which allow them to contract and pull on the bone.
How does your brain allow your body to move?
Digestive system
The breaking large food molecules into smaller molecules is done by which system?
Capillaries, veins, arteries, blood, heart
What are the five parts of the circulatory/cardiovascular system ?