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Jean needs to have a tooth in her mandible filled. Her dentist injects a local anesthetic to block pain afferents in one of her cranial nerves. What cranial nerve does the dentist numb?

Trigeminal (V)

After suffering a stroke, Mary finds that she cannot move her right arm. This would suggest that the stroke damage is in the area of the ________ lobe.

Left Frontal

Excitation of neurons in the basal nuclei would lead to:

Increased muscle tone

The brain area that regulates activities that control the state of wakefulness or alterness of the cerebral cortex is the:

reticular formation

The vital centers for the control of heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure are located in:

the medulla

The function of the limbic system involves:

Emotional sites and related behavioral drives

Damage to the cerebellum would result in:

uncoordinated movement

The stiety center is located in the:


The fissure separating the cerbral hemispheres is the:

Longitudinal fissure

The reflex movement of the head toward a loud noise is directed by the mesencephalon. Which nuclei accomplish this:

Inferior colliculi

The post central cortex is the:

Primary Somatosensory area

Receptors for the somatic senses are located in the:

Skin, Muscles and Joints

Receptors for pressure that are widely distributed in the subcutaneous tissue and the submucosal tissues are:

pacinian Corpuscles

Somatic sensory information is distributed to sensory processing centers in the:

Brain and Spinal cord

If a friend is talking about someone they know who lost thei special senses, you would correc them when you hear them mention ____ because it is not a special sense.


What loss could result from cutting throught he medial lemniscus on the right side.

Loss of fine touch sensation on the left side of the body.

Upper motor neurons are located in the:

Precentral Gyrus and Brain Stem

About 90% of the neurons in the corticospinal tract cross in the:

Medulla Oblongata

About 10% of the neurons in the corticospinal tract cross in the:

Spinal Cord

The spinal tract that relays information concerning pain and temperature to the CNS is the:

Lateral Spinothalamic

The ability to localize a specific stimulus depends on the organized distribution of sensory information to the:

Primary Sensory Cortex

Voluntary control of skeletal muscles is provided by the:

Corticospinal Tracts

Name four structures wher einformation will be sent to the Cerebellum:

Muscles, Ears, Inner Ear, Proprioceptor

The Autonomic nervous system innervates all of thes except:

Skeletal muscle

Throughout the autonomic nervous system the neurotransmitter released by the preganglionic neuron binds to ____ receptors on the postganglionic neuron.


Alll of the following axons are cholinergic except:

sympathetic postganglionic to heart muscle

Which region of the cord contains NO preganglionic cell bodies at all:


Which activities are not characteristic of the stress response or fight-or-flight reaction:

Kidneys' increased urine production because blood is shunted to kidneys

Choose the FALSE statemetn about the vagus nerve.

Its autonomic fibers are sympathetic

A major organ that receives sympathetic stimulation, but not parasympathetic stimulation is the:


Parasympathetic stimulation to the liver stomach and gallbladder is provieded by fibers traveling with the

vagus nerve

Alpha and Beta receptors are associated with:

sympathetic neurons

All viscera have dual innervations by sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the ANS. This statement is:


Carla was startled by an extremely loud bang that sounded like a gunshot. Her heartbeat accelerated rapidly. When she found that the noise was only a car backfiring, she felt greatly relieved but her heart kept beating heavily for over half an hour. Explain why her heart kept beating for over half an hour.

The hormone released from the adrenal gland was still in her system.

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