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Absolute reference

the method of copying or moving a formula thdat keeps its cell reference exactly as they are


the data that a function will use


spreadsheet symbol for multiplication


spreadsheet symbol for expontials


each intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet

Cell address(cell reference)

cells are referred to by their column letter and row number, such as cell A1


information made up of numbers and/or letters that can be stored in a database or spreadsheet

Data Series

a set of data that changes by a constant value


the number by which each value in a series decreases

Formula bar

area above the column headers used to input and edit cell data


a group of symbol that makes a mathical statement; a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical promblems


a set of mathematical processes using multiple sets of data that ultimately derives ata a final answer; Examples: Average, Sum, MIN(Minimum), MAX(Maximum),SQRT(Square root)


teh small square a the lower right corner of cell used to select a range


the number by which each value in a series increases


ina spreadsheet function's syntax, the name of the function


a list of items or commands


in a spreadsheet, a group of cells that are next to each other

Relative reference(address)

the method of copying or moving a formula that changes the values in the formula depending in on its new location


spreadsheet symbol for division


the rules for wording a spreadsheet function

Worksheet tab

a tag that identifies each open worksheet in a spreadsheet program, located in the lower left corner of the screen

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