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French Revolution/Napoleon

Fr Dauphin Junior High School students
Louis XVI
had to accept the National Assembly's decrees after the women of the March to Versailles
3 major parts of Napoleon's Grand Empire
The French Empire, dependent states, and allied states
2 reasons for Napoleon'sGrand Emprie collapse
survival of Great Britain, forced nationalism
Louis XVI's reasoning for calling the Estates General in May 1789
raise taxes
wanted the king executed
wanted the king kept alive
Paris Commune
seized political power from the Legislative Assembly
Lower priest
Would vote with the Third Estate if individual delegate votes counted
Reasons for French Debt
Extravagant spending by Louis XVI & Queen, foreign wars, cost of maintaining Versailles
National Assembly
issued the Declaration of Rights of Man
unfair voting procedures
problem at the meeting of the Estates-General. (remember the ice cream poll)
Monarch's attempted escape
started the radical phase
Reign of Terror
ended with over 40k executions
St. Helena
Napoleon exiled after his final defeat
Napoleon's birthplace
Tenis Court Oath
vow to meet until FR constitution produced
(without breeches)ordinary patriots
Comittee of Public Safety
defend FR from foreign and domestice threats
National Convention
deChristianization -
Notre Dame:Temple of Reason, new calendar
Executive committee of 5 men from the Council of Elders overthrown by Napoleon
First Estate
Clergy- exempt from paying taxes, 300 delegates
Second Estate
Nobles - exempt from paying taxes, 300 delegates
Third Estate
commoners - had to pay taxes (taille), 600 delegates. Lower nobels would vote with this group.
Paris Commune
seized power from Leg. Assembly
Declarationo f the Rights of Man
equal rights for men, not women
Constitution of 1791
gave Leg. Assembly power to make laws
head of Committee of Public Safety
Napoleon defeated in Russia b/c
they burned villages and country side and the Grand Army starved and froze
Duke of Wellington
defeated Nap. at Waterloo
Louis XVIII (18)
restored the Bourbon Monarchy, not well liked.
March to Versailles
Women marched from Paris and demanded bread
Napoleon was first exilled here
Louis XVI's execution
led to foreign armies preparing to invade
Storming of the Bastille
marks the beginign of the FR. Rev.
prefered method of execution during the Fr. Rev.
Republic of Virtue
democratic nation of good citizens that was to follow the Reign of Terror
George Danton
led the National Convention. (trampled by a horse as a child)