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natural born citizen
citizenship requirement for President
35 years
age requirement for President
lived in U.S. for 14 years
residency requirement for President
Speaker of House
follows President and V.P. in order of succession
President pro tempore of Senate
follows Speaker of House in order of succession
Chief Legislator
role being filled when President's aides work to bring about compromis on a bill
Chief Diplomat
role being filled when the President works to keep Pakistan from attaching India
Chief of State
role being filled when the President recieves the King or Queen of a foreign nation
Chief of Party
role being filled when the President or First Lady hit the campaign trail to speak for candidates in their party running for office
Chief Citizen
role being filled when the President calls the parents of American teenagers killed in a suicide bombing
Commander in Chief
role being filled when the President orders an airstrike on a group of insurgents attacking civilians
Chief Legislator
role being filled when the President vetoes a bill
Chief Executive
role being filled when the President appoints the head of an independent agency in the executive branch
Commander in Chief
role being filled when the President decides to withdraw troops from the War in Iraq
Chief Executive
role being filled when the President asks for the resignation of a cabinet member based on inappropriate comments made to the press
President's current salary
Secretary of State
follows President pro tempore in line of succession to the Presidency
Vice President
presides over the Senate
25th amendment
which amendment gives the V.P. and the cabinet the power to remove a president involuntarily from performing his duties
maximum number of years a President may serve
amendment which set maximum number of years a President may serve
amendment which repaired a flaw in th electoral college
number of votes needed to win in the electoral college
amendment added because of Franklin Roosevelt
provided a formal addition to the Constitution establishing the order of succession to the Presidency in an emergency
amendment that called for a presidential ticket
provides a mechanism for a President to voluntarily resign his duties on a temporary basis
announcement of candidacy
this occurs first in a presidential election
primaries and caucuses
mechanism for nominating candidates for each party in a presidential election
national convention
in a presidential election, candidate is nominated here
general election
occurs on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
in what month are presidential elections held
4 years
how often are presidential elections held
when are primaries and caucuses held
August -September
when are national conventions held
Presidential preference primaries
characterized by voter turnout
party platform adopted
occurs at beginning of a party's national convention
popular vote
a flaw in the electoral college is that vote may conflict with this
winner take all
whoever wins popular vote in a state gets all the state's electoral votes
2nd flaw in electoral college - these may change their mind when they actually cast their ballots
House of Representatives
major flaw in electoral college is that this body may have to choose President
chooses V.P. if electors unable to do so
number of votes each state gets if election goes to House of Respresenatives
minimum number of votes each states has in electoral college
who you actually vote for on election day in a presidential election
gave 3 electoral votes to Washington, D.C.
Jan 6
date Congress actually counts electoral votes and announces a winner
direct popular election
least favorable plan for reforming electoral college for small states
National Bonus Plan
awards a bonus pool of electors to winner of popular vote
Congressional districts
award electors by these in District Plan
Civil Service System
designed to prevent spoils system
department housed at Pentagon
Homeland Security
newest cabinet department
responsible for public lands
responsible for prosecuting federal crimes
responsible for embassies in other countries
Housing and Urban Development
responsible for urban renewal projects and low cost housing for the poor
regulates trade
protects your right to join a union
Veteran's Affairs
responsible for VA hospitals, VA benefits
sets standards for food sold in U.S.
President's power to postpone a sentence
legal forgiveness for a crime
reducing the length of sentence for a crime
general pardon granted to a group of people
executive agreement
avoids the need for Senate approval in negotiations with other countries
independent regulatory commissions
National Labor Relations Board, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Consumer Product Safety Commission
independent executive agencies
most like cabinet departments of all the independent agencies
Federal Trade Commission
regulates unfair advertising
Federal Communications Commission
regulates broadcasts over the airwaves
Environmental Protection Agency
regulates pollution added to the environment
preside in Senate
one formal duty of VP
president primary
may be used to select delegates to convention or indicate choice of party nominee
needs Senate approval to implement
executive agreement
does not need Senate approval but is negotiated directly by the President
appoints Cabinet members
must approve appointment of Cabinet members
maximum number of years a President may serve in office
25th amendment
says VP becomes President if President is disabled
Speaker of the House
Who follows the VP in the line of presidential succession?
Preside in Senate
formal duty of the VP according to the Constitution
least number of presidential electors a state may have
flaw in electoral college
winner of popular vote may not win the presidency
appoints Cabinet members
approves Cabinet members appointed by President
executive agreement
negotiated by President but does not require Senate approval