Oxford Latin Course Chapter 22

36 terms by BozemanMagistra Teacher

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basio, basiare, basiavi

I kiss

spero, sperare, speravi

I hope

volo, volare, volavi

I fly

faveo, favere, favi

I favor, support

pareo, parere, parui

I obey

frango, frangere, fregi

I break

perdo, perdere, perdidi

I lose, destroy

rapio, rapere, rapui

I snatch, steal, seize

facio, facere, feci

I do, make

afficio, afficere, affeci

I affect

conficio, conficere, confeci

I finish

efficio, efficere, effeci

I carry out, effect

interficio, interficere, interfeci

I kill

perficio, perficere, perfeci

I carry through, complete

reficio, reficere, refeci

I remake, repair

meta, metae

turning post

pompa, pompae


turba, turbae


ludi, ludorum


signum, signi

sign, signal

finis, finis


praetor, praetoris


vesper, vesperis


casus, casus

mishap, misfortune

currus, currus


cursus, cursus

running; a course

contentus, a, um


fractus, a, um


maximus, a, um

greatest, very great

periculosus, a, um


plurimus, a, um

very many

nobilis, is, e

noble, famous

talis, is, e


vetus, veteris



not yet


where to?

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