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PUD most common and serious complication
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sepsisrespiration > 20 temp: > 38.5 or < 35 pulse: > 90 WBC: > 12,000, < 4000 or >10% bandserythma nodosumrecent strep infection sarcoidosis histoplasmosis inflammatory bowel diseaseosteosarcomamost comon tumor affecting children and young adults metaphyses of long bones constituituinal symptom absent physical exam: tender soft tissue mass xray: sunburst pattern and peristeal elevation (Codman triangle)renal vein thrombosisimportant complication of nephrotic syndrom acute abdominal pain, fever and hematuriahospicefocus on quality of life, not cure or life prolongation symptom control interdisciplinary team service provided at home, assisted living facility or dedicated facility prognosis < 6 months.