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  1. creoles
  2. Squanto
  3. Pilgrims
  4. Spanish borderlands
  5. Jamestown
  1. a Engligh colony in Virginia; located in a swampy area, the colonists suffered from disease spread by mosquitoes, conflicts with Native Americans and starvation.
  2. b edge of New Spain that stretched form present day Florida to present day California, explorers met a stron Indian resistance here
  3. c in the 1600s, English settlers who sought religious freedom in the Americas; settled the colony of Plymoth in Massachusetts. After struggling to survive their first winter they were helped by Native Americans to better learn how to fish and farm.
  4. d Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims to grow native crops
  5. e below the Peninsulares, they were people who were born in New Spain to Spanish parents

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  1. large estate farmed by many workers
  2. signed in 1215, a British document that contained two basic ideas: monarchs themselves have to obey the laws, and citizens have basic rights
  3. an area of settlements in North and South America that we conquered by conquistadors.
  4. example for others to follow in the future
  5. government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them

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  1. missionsreligious settlements run by Catholic priests and friars


  2. Parliamentrepresentative assembly in England


  3. peninsularestop social class of New Spain, people who were born in Spain and held the highest jobs in government and the Church.


  4. Christopher Colombusa 1620 agreement written by the Pilgrims to govern their colony by establishing laws for the general good


  5. Protestant Reformationlarge estate farmed by many workers


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