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  1. missions
  2. New Spain
  3. circumnavigate
  4. Spanish borderlands
  5. Bartolome de Las Casas
  1. a an area of settlements in North and South America that we conquered by conquistadors.
  2. b religious settlements run by Catholic priests and friars
  3. c attempted to help Native Americans by asking the King of Spain to enact laws prohibiting their enslavement
  4. d to sail completely around the world
  5. e edge of New Spain that stretched form present day Florida to present day California, explorers met a stron Indian resistance here

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  1. representative assembly in colonial Virginia; it began a tradition of representative government in the English colonies
  2. spanish conquerors
  3. example for others to follow in the future
  4. Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims to grow native crops
  5. a 1620 agreement written by the Pilgrims to govern their colony by establishing laws for the general good

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  1. IncasIndian empire conquered by the Spanish, many of them died from European diseases


  2. Magna CartaIndian empire that eventually lost control of their government to the Spanish because of fighting among themselves


  3. charterIndian empire conquered by the Spanish, many of them died from European diseases


  4. burgessesrepresentatives to the government


  5. established churchan agreement between nations to aid and protect one another