29 terms

chap 9 part 2

when was cocain legal till?
ways yo take cocaine
snort smoke inject
small dose of cacaine can? and large dose?
slow hr
large dose will increase hr and aggression
how many times more strong is crack cocaine (free base) than normal cocaine?
five times as strong
eight types of illicit drugs
1. cocaine 2.amphetamines 3.marijuana 4. opiates 5. psychedelics 6. deliriants 7. designer drugs 8. inhalants 9.steroids
small dose of amphetamine does? and the stronger more illicit form
improve alertness and elevate mood
methamphetamines and ice
how many % canadians report using marijuana
what is the substance in marijuana that determines the `high`level
tetrahydrocannabino (THC)
3-4 joints of marijuana = how many cigarette
how is marijuana a medicine
help appetite and decreaes muscle pain and less vomiting due to chemotherapy
decrease vomit and pain, increase appetite
opiates aka name and parent name
parent name is opium
opiates street name and medicine name and the medical effects
morphine= relieve pain
common way to take heroin
injection, can collapse vein
medical use of meth
treat attention deficit childrens and obesity
def: recidivism
return to bad behaviour
effects of psychedelics
alters perception
effects the reticular formation, scrambing messages
the scrambled sensory message is called?
what is the medical form of psychedelics and the usesage
LSD, used to remember things
create euphoria or dysphoria
the most powerful hallucinogen is ? and what is it made of
from peyote cactus
magic mushroom other name and what is it
a type of psychedelics
a term for mental state of confusion and disorientation
delirium and deliriants cause this
best known deliriants and what is itused for
anesthetics remain concious n feel no pain
pcp may cause?
amnesia = total memory loss
euphoria or dysphoria
well known designer drug
two types of medical inhalants
amyl nitrite (chest pain)
nitrous oxide (minor anesthesia-laughing gas)
steriod that creates artificial testosterones
anabolic steriods
ergogenic drugs
enhance athletic performance (steriods)
which approach is best to solve drug problem
multimodal (teach about use misuse and abuse)
are scare tactics useful to help solve drug problesm