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The national government's control of immigration is an example of what kind of power?


The Constitution grants these powers to the national government


This ancient Greek scholar was one of the first students of government


This system of government divides the power between a strong central government and several states is called what?


Any system of government in which rule is by the people


The form of democracy that we have in this country is called?

representative democracy

What are the three branches of government?

Legislature, Executive, and Judicial

How many Congressman does Alabama have? Senators?


What does checks and balances mean?

System of overlapping powers to prevent one branch of gov. from becoming too powerful

Which of the following was a plan of government for the States during the war of independence?

The Articles of Confederation

What is the process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment called?


People in districts represented in Congress are called what?


Who is the presiding officer of the House of Reps.?

Speaker of the House

Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?

Vice President

A filibuster can be stopped when 3/5 of the Senate votes for what


What are the 6 principles of the Constitution?

popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of power, judicial review, checks and balances, and federalism

The Constitution is based on the concept of what?

Popular Sovereignty

What section of the Constitution states why it was written

The Preamble

In what body of Congress did Article I of the Constitution vest the voice of the people in?

House of Reps.

What is an example of a congressional expressed power?

power to tax, coin money, and to declare war

This principle elevated the Supreme Court to a status balancing the powers of the other branches?

judicial review

What action between the Pres and the head of a foreign gov. does not need congressional approval?

an executive agreement

what action between a president and a foreign government does?


following the vice president, who is next in succession of the presidency ?

Speaker of the House

A president cannot exceed this number of years in office


What are the roles of the president?

chief executive, commander in chief, chief citizen etc.

what proposed reform of the electoral college would allow the people to vote for the president directly?

direct popular vote

what is the power to cancel specific dollar amounts from congressional spending bills called?

line-item veto

to postpone the execution of a criminal sentence is to grant a what?


the main reason that congress creates committees is to do what?

divide the work load evenly

how and when a bill reaches the house floor is decided by the what?

house rules committee

bills that originate in either house of Congress may be first formulated by whom?

private citizens

what branch of gov. signs a bill into law?


once a bill leaves the house of reps where does it go?

the senate

the purpose of a filibuster is to do what?

post pone the passage of a bill

a majority of the full house membership that must be present in the house is called a what?


what is the main purpose of the party caucus?

to organize and discuss party opinions

this system is often called winner take all system

electoral college

when the people vote for president, they are actually voting for their State's what?


if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral college notes, the president is chosen by whom?

house of reps

where do the specific powers of the president come from?


marbury v. madison established what?

judicial review

what federal court exercises both original and apellate jurisdiction?

supreme court

what is defined as the authority of a court to hear a case?


secretary of state

john kerry

governor of AL

robert bentley

senators of AL

Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby

congressman of district one

bradley byrne

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