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Week #5 Alexander Ostrovsky's Without a Dowry (IN-PROGRESS)


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Maly Theater (Moscow)
the house of ostrovsky, serfs were allowed to become an actor as in 1756, the people were allowed to conduct theater. In the theater, Ostrovsky conducted all 47 plays in it. Maly means something of small, like small theater.
How is Larisa a realistic character?
(Review this) Larisa is deemed to be a realistic character as she is relatable in terms of having to find her own freedom being a young person. Also, the way she acts in being indecisive is relatable as people act indecisive themselves whether a person actually likes someone or not.
How is Karandyshev a realistic character?
(Review this) I believe Karandyshev is a realistic character because despite his extremities of having to be very showoff, he in the core is just a person that wants to demonstrate his worth and prove others wrong. I believe lots of people go through the same dilemma as they try to prove to others their own potential and capability as a means of satisfying themselves through validation and even praise by others. Karandyshev, regardless of the outbursts he has in the plays, just wanted to show that he was able to be a persona and be respected instead of having to be the guy that everyone knew him as. PS, he could have tried harder tbh or work his way to status but that is not for me to judge.
How is Paratov a realistic character?
(Review this) I don't consider Paratov a realistic character because the way in how he acts as pedantic and proud is not realistic. I find it very improbable that someone like him takes the time to prove someone wrong like Karandyshev given that he has his life pretty much taken cared of. Possible that people could try to take revenge on people who try to act special but not to the extent that Paratov did.
Who betrays Larisa? What are the implications of this betrayal?
Larisa is betrayed by everyone. Her mother is trying to sell her. Paratov leads her on the entire time that they are together. Karan is just angry at her. Voz betrays her bc he is the one that least helps her in the entirety of the play as he found her problematic from having to marry her.
Why does Larisa agree to marry Karandyshev if she does not love him?
By the fact she has the outside pressure for her mother and also. Larisa agrees to marrying Karandyshev regardless of not loving him because she sees him as the only escape from the type of life of being treated as a possession. Also, she believes she will find liberation through having to escape the town into the country of not having to be judged or affected by society and others.
What happens during the party at Karandyshev's? Why is this event considered to be the culmination of the play?
Paratov asks Robinson to get Karandhyshev to get drunk and then Larissa is disgusted by the drunkness of Karan and so Paratov gets her to leave from them. it is a meaning of having her break tradition as she throws away her loyalty of sticking to the deduced marriage that he pledged to Karan.
Explain the meanings of 3 major characters' names.
1. Larisa's name in greek means the Seagull. 2. Karandyshov's name basically means Yuly (for the meaning Julius Cesar and then Pencil?). 3. Knurov's name is a archaic Russian which can be translated to "wild boar". 4. Paratov is something of an English meaning as it is translated into archaic Russian of "hunter".
Define 2-3 features of Ostrovsky's dramas. How are they realized in Without a Dowry?
1. Ostrovsky has a lot of description in his plays as the dialogues are very long. 2. Ostrovsky has a tendency of having government position/involvement of characters in his plays. For example, Karandyshev as a post office man from his inspiration from Gogol (Not sure, cross check this fact). 3. Ostrovsky was a slavophile as he loved including the Russian roots into his works, for example, purposely using archaic Russian customs and words.
How are Nikolai Gogol's Marriage and Alexander's Ostrovsky's Without a Dowry similar? How are they different?
1. As Ostrovsky took from Gogol, he explained that he took the characteristic of putting government officials in their plays as Karan is a post office man and then Karachi from the marriage is a government official councilman. 2.Ostrovsky is considered to be a contemporary playwright as his plays have been able to be adapted to modern time dilemmas and situations while Gogol is a bit more dated given its societal differences and beliefs at the time. 3. Another similarity is how Gogol influenced Ostrovsky as Ostrovsky has merchants in his play like Gogol's marriage as well as the matchmakers as Marriage had Kachkuryov and Fyokla being compared to Without a dowry's Madame Ogudalov.