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How is Buddy's baby buggy used every season?

Spring: Take it to the woods to fill it with flowers, herbs and wild fern.
Summer: Pile it with picnic equipment and sugarcane fishing poles.
Winter: Hauling firewood from the yard to the kitchen.
To Haul their Christmas tree.

How does Fun and Freak Museum show resourcefulness?

Fun: Stereopticon with slideviews of Washington and New York.
Freak: three legged biddy.

What is not typically used for tree decoration?

Ermine tails.

Winged Angels are made of what?

Sheets of Hersey bar tin foil.

What actions show Buddy's friend self-sacrifice?

a. "Queenie begs a taste of pecan and now and again, my friend sneaks her a mite, though insisting we deprive ourselves."
b. She gives Buddy 10 cents to go to the picture show; however she has never been to a show herself.
c. She tries to sell her cameo.

Buddy's cousin wonders if Mrs. Roosevelt will do what?

Serve her fruitcake at dinner. This is naive.

What actions reveal that Buddy's cousin is superstitious?

a. She believes in ghosts.
b. She does not get out of bed on the 13th of every month.

What actions reveal that she is joyful?

a. She and Buddy drink whiskey.
b. She sings "Show me the way to go home"
c. She dances a waltz.
d. She and Buddy run to a pasture and plunge through the waist high grass and fly kites.

The reader knows that she is moral because she never does what?

a. wishes someone harm.
b. told a lie on purpose.
c. let a hungry dog go hungry.

Buddy's friend's physique reveals that she is both:

a. Energetic
b. Vulnerable

In what ways do her clothes appear to be energetic?

She wears tennis shoes

In what ways do her clothes appear to be vulnerable?

She had shorn white hair, a shapeless gray sweater, her shoulders are pitifully hunched.

Buddy's face reveals she is both:

a. Strong
b. Fragile

In what ways does her face appear to be strong?

Her face is tinted by the sun and wind, compared t the craggy face of Lincoln.

In what ways does her face appear to be fragile?

She is finely boned, has sherry colored eyes, timid, delicate face.

Buddy's friend's manner of dress reveals that she is unconcerned with

She wears tennis shes, a shapeless gray sweater over her summer dress.

What labels does Buddy give to his relatives that show that he feels alienated from them?

a. other people that inhabit the house
b. skinflints
c. public opinion
d. two relatives
e. others, the household

Buddy gives relatives no physical traits because?

he is not aware of them. They upset him and don't support him like his friend does.

What actions do Buddy's relatives reveal?

a. They are stingy. They pay Buddy and his cousin one penny for every 25 flies they killed.
b. They lack enthusiasm. They don't get out of bed on Christmas until the friend drops a kettle and buddy begins tap dancing.
c. They lack imagination. For Christmas, they give Buddy socks, sunday school shirt, hankerchiefs, hand me down sweaters and a subscription for "Little Shepherd" religious magazine.

Why do Buddy's relatives send him to military school?

They think Buddy's friend is a bad influence on him.

Why is their reason for sending him ironic?

Buddy's friend is the only one who cares for him. She is resourceful, kind, joyful, selfless and gives Buddy a sense of a larger world. She has influenced him most.

What final label does Buddy give his relatives?

Those who know best

Why is this label ironic?

He says the opposite of how he thinks of his relatives.


Love is above all the gift of oneself.

How does Buddy's cousin embody this theme?

Buddy's cousin realizes the beauty in her life on the day her and Buddy went to fly their kites and says she could leave the world with today in her eyes.


Sudden revelation

Example of epiphany Buddy's cousin has.

She says, one does not have to be "sick and dying before they saw the lord...the lord has already shown himself in things as they are."

Christ Figure

A literary technique to draw allusions between their characters and the biblical Jesus Christ.

How is Buddy's cousin a Christ Figure?

Buddy's cousin shows loving kindness to him as he grows up and is influenced by her.

Other traits of a Christ figure?

perform miracles, manifestation of divine qualities, healing others, display loving kindness and forgiveness, fight for justice, being guided by the spirit of the character's father, die and rise again.

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