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Mass Comm Chap 8 Penny Press

Industrial Revolution
Cheaper paper
The rise of the middle class
The growth of literacy
Breakthroughs in technology
Steam-powered printing presses
Helped lower cost from 6 cents to a penny
1833 Benjamin Day's New York Sun
"It shines for all"
Local events, scandals, and police reports
Blazed the trail for celebrity news
Fabricated stories
Human-interest stories
Ordinary individuals facing extraordinary challenges
Feature stories
Crime news
James Gordon Bennett's New York Morning Herald, 1835
Bennett first U.S. press baron
Freed his paper from political parties
World's largest daily paper at the time
Penny Press Contributions
Shifted the economic base of newspapers away from political parties toward the marketplace and advertising revenue
Developed a system of information distribution such as?
Modern technology used to mass produce and cut costs
Wire services - the Associated Press (AP) founded in 1848
Other Penny Press Contributions
Promoted literacy among the public
Middle- and working-class readers could afford the papers and were attracted to true-crime and human-interest stories.
another Penny Press Contributions
Empowered the public in government affairs
Articles about politics and commerce