History Vocab ch 9

a machine that generates electricity
interchangeable parts
identical components that can be used in place of one another in manufactoring
assembly line
Production method that breaks down a complex job into a series of smaller tasks
shares in a company.
business owned by many investors who buy shares of stock and risk only the amount of their investment
A group of companies that join together to control the production and price of a product
germ theory
Idea that certain microbes might cause specific infectious diseases
urban renewal
Rebuilding of the poor areas of a city
mutual-aid society
self help groups to aid sick or injured workers.
standard of living
Measures the quality and availability of necessities and comforts in a society
cult of domesticity
Idealization of women and the home
temperance movement
campaign to limit or ban the use of alcoholic beverages
women's suffrage
the right for women to vote
Belief that one racial group is superior to another
social gospel
movement of the 1800s that urged christians to do social service
19th century artistic movement that appealed to emotion rather than reason
A 19th century artistic movement in which writers and painters sought to show life as it is rather than life as it should be
school of painting of the late 1800s and early 1900s that tried to capture fleeting visual impressions