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  1. anti-
  2. codon
  3. 5' cap
  4. intro-
  5. exo-
  1. a within ex: intron
  2. b A three-nucleotide sequence of DNA or mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or termination signal; the basic unit of the genetic code.
  3. c The end of a pre-mRNA molecule modified by the addition of a cap
  4. d opposite ex: anticodon
  5. e out, outside, without

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  1. A type of point mutation; the replacement of one nucleotide and its partner in the complementary DNA strand by another pair of nucleotides.
  2. An enzymatic RNA molecule that catalyzes reactions during RNA splicing.
  3. A type of RNA, synthesized from DNA, that attaches to ribosomes in the cytoplasm and specifies the primary structure of a protein.
  4. A coding region of a eukaryotic gene or expressed region
  5. The premise that a gene is a segment of DNA that codes for one polypeptide.

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  1. P siteOne of a ribosome's three binding sites for tRNA during translation. Holds the tRNA carrying the growing polypeptide chain. (P stands for peptidyl tRNA


  2. trans-across ex:transcription


  3. point mutationA rare change in the DNA of a gene, ultimately creating genetic diversity.


  4. ribosomeA cell organelle constructed in the nucleolus and functioning as the site of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm; consists of rRNA and protein molecules, which make up two subunits.


  5. mutationA chemical or physical agent that interacts with DNA and causes a mutation.